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Senior College - Life Science

History of the Department

The Department of Life Sciences was established in 1992 under the able stewardship of Prof. N.W. Shivdasani. The department has teachers having varying specializations to meet the demands of the wide ranging topics which are included under its canopy. From the very outset we had 100% results, with a majority of the students being placed in the first class. The department came into its own in 2004 when it achieved independent status. Ever since it has been the endeavour of the members of the faculty to organize and host meets of academic enlightenment.

Life Sciences an interdisciplinary subject uses the principles of chemistry, physics, and mathematics, to help answer some important questions in biological sciences. Topics included are as diverse as Reproductive Biology, Biotechnology, Neurobiology, Forensic Science, Genetics, Genetic Engineering, Immunology, Biochemistry, Biostatistics, Human Physiology, Plant Science, Animal Science and Environmental Science. A graduate in Life Sciences can obtain a Masters in Life Science with specialization in: Biotechnology, Neurobiology, Applied Medicine, Reproductive biotechnology, Genetic engineering, Environmental science, Macromolecular biology, Immunology, Bioanalytical Science, D.M.L.T., Clinical Research, Bioinformatics, MBA in Pharmaceutical Management, or pursue M.Sc. by research


Information about the Department of Life Sciences:

The Department of Life Sciences is headed by. Niloufer K. Kotwal. The other members include Dr. K. Srilatha, Ms. Yogita Walke and Ms. Sakina Garothwala. The faculty members have different specializations so as to meet the demands of the subject which is interdisciplinary in nature.

The Department members are actively involved in going beyond the common call of duty and have started an Innovative practice called “Golden Hour”. During this time (from 1.00 pm – 2.00 pm) on every day of the week the faculty members of the department make it a point to be present in the department to solve any queries, doubts or difficulties faced by the students – whether they are academic or personal in nature. This has helped many students to be more forthcoming and learn some good values in life which stand them in good stead in the years ahead.

The Department organizes an annual seminar which under the aegis of IRIS – the Departmental Society. The seminars are often organized in collaboration with the National Science Academies. These lecture sessions are attended by students and faculty of all Biological Sciences from all constituent colleges of Mumbai.

Ms. Niloufer K. Kotwal also serves on many committees like Students’ Council, Ragging Prohibition Committee, Steering Committee of Teachers’ Academic Forum, member of the Admission Committee, is the Class teacher of FYBSc, Chairperson of Xplore Committee and Deputy Chairperson IQAC and is also responsible for many administrative responsibilities. She is also recognized M.Sc teacher. She is presently pursing her Ph.D. at The Institute of Science, Mumbai.

Dr. K. Srilatha Srinivas also a member of the department also serves on various committees. She is a Doctorate and her area of specialization is Phytochemistry. She has published and presented several scientific papers in national and international journals. She is also a recognized M.Sc teacher.

Ms. Yogita Walke is also a member of various committees. She has worked as Research fellow in National Institutes of repute. She is currently pursuing her Ph.D. at The Institute of Science, Mumbai.

Ms. Sakina Garothwala is the latest addition to the department. She is an alumnus of our department and has many awards and scholarships to her credit. She is specialized in Applied Medicine.


Activities of the Department:

(1) Seminars / Workshops:

IIn 2005, the Department of Life Sciences established its own Biological Society. After a lot of contemplation the society was named “IRIS” (INSIGHT, RESILIENT, INNOVATE, SUCCESS).
Every year one topic relevant to the current scenario and latest global trends is selected and students are enlightened regards the same. Eminent speakers and senior scientists who have excelled in their fields and have national and international repute are invited to share their expertise and knowledge with our young minds to keep them abreast of the new developments in various allied fields and pave the way for their future progress.




“Infertility Conquerable…….?” (Based on Reproductive Biology)


“Neuroscience & Forensic Science” (Based on Neurobiology and Genetic Engineering)


“On the Brink……….?” (Based on Environmental Science)


“I– Talk” (Based on Immunology)


“Planet – G” (National Interdisciplinary Seminar based on Genetics in collaboration with the National Science Academies)


Planet Earth.. Take Care... Take Charge


Bioinformatics: Know your sequence


Biostatistics: Enigma of Numbers


Evolution: Tree of Life


Stem Cells: Cellular Renaissance


Intelligent Intelligence (Forensic Science)


Perception v/s Recognition (Neuroscience)


Part I – Bioinformatics, Biostatistics & Molecular Biology
Part II – Nanobiotechnology & Reproductive Biology


Diseases, Diagnostics & Drugs


Recent advances in Stem Cells Research – Biomedical applications (Sponsored by Science Academies’ Education Program)

(2) Academic Excursion:
The Department conducts an annual excursion to sensitize the students to the Natural environment where the students study the rich biodiversity of the area and are made aware of the pressing need to conserve the bounty of Nature.


Excursion to

2004 – 05

Lakshwadeep Islands

2005 – 06

Nainital – Corbett National Park

2006 – 07


2007 – 08

Coimbatore – Ooty – Mysore – Mudumalai – Bandipur

2008 – 09

Panchmarhi – Jabalpur – Kanha – Bandhavgarh

2009 – 10

Ranthambore – Bharatpur – Agra – Jaipur

2010 – 11

Jabalpur – Narara Island – Gir

2011 – 12

Coorg – Medikeri –  Nagarhole

2012 – 13


2013 – 14

Kerala – Varakala – Allepy – Thekkady

2014 – 15

Nainital – Corbett National Park

2015 – 16

Chandigarh – Shimla – Manali – Amritsar

2016 – 17

Jabalpur – Narara Island – Gir

2017 – 18

Delhi – Haridwar – Rishikesh – Nainital – Corbett National Park

2018 – 19

Delhi – Manali – Chandigarh

(3) Internships for students:

The Department believes in providing opportunities to students for co-curricular learning that would complement the class room experience. Over the years our students are sent for a summer internship for 10 day program on “Basic Stem Cell Research” & 10 day program on “Basics of Immunology and Blood Banking

(4) Certificate Course:

A certificate course in Forensic Science which is conducted by the department in collaboration with FACTS (Forensic Advice Consultancy & Training Services)

(5) Research:

Members of the department have completed the following BCUD Minor Research Projects:

(a) “Isolation of Polyethylene degraders” by Niloufer K. Kotwal.

(b) “Chemical fingerprint profile of medicinal plant – Oroxylum indicum L(Vent)” by Dr. K. Srilatha Srinivas.

(c) “Extraction and characterization of plasmid from polyethylene degrading bacteria” by Niloufer K. Kotwal.

(d) “Establishing the medicinal potential of Psidium guajava (Linn.,).A tropical plant through chemical profiling and radical scavenging technique” by Dr K.Srilatha Srinivas.

The Department encourages the students for research. Many of our students are actively involved in research and have been presenting their research work in various competitions and research conventions. Two of our students Ms. Vishaka Merude and Ms. Devyani Bhandari won first prize and a Gold Medal in ‘Avishkaar’ 2014, a state level research competition for students and teachers of Universities of Maharashtra. Avni Rao and Divya Goel received the award for “Excellence in Academics with a focus on Research” & were felicitated on Achievers’ Nite for two consecutive years 2016 – 17 and 2017 – 18.

(6) Student Achievements in 2018-19:

Awards Received by Student for Research Projects:


Name of Student/s


Jigyaasa Research Meet at KC College

1st Prize: Akshat Mohanani Siraj Khan

Algal filter with drumstick oil and coconut charcoal to make an eco-friendly filter


3rd Prize: Burhanuddin Khambati

Antioxidant Protection against Ultraviolet Radiation in Staphylococcus aureus and Escherichia coli

Xplore 2019 at Jai Hind College

1st Prize: Akshat Mohanani, Siraj Khan

Algal filter with drumstick oil and coconut charcoal to make an eco-friendly filter


3rd Prize: Siddhant Naicker

A comparative study of the potential of various Microalgal species as Biofuel energy crop

Scholarships received by Students:


Name of Student

Sumitomo Scholarship

Pooja Gupta (T.Y.BSc Life Sciences)
Shraddha Kakadiya (S.Y.BSc Chemistry-Life Sciences)

Priyadarshini Academy Scholarship

Tasneem Kapasi (T.Y.BSc Life Sciences)
Siddhant Naicker (T.Y.BSc Life Sciences)


USP of the Department:

“A Unified Discipline in Biosciences” – Conceptualize now… Specialize later…
Rigid boundaries in Science are breaking down. Our discipline offers a child to learn and conceptualize the diverse branches of biological Sciences to make students better and broad-minded academicians and researchers.

Contact us at: lifescience.jaihind@gmail.com

Faculty of Department of Life Science:

Name of faculty


Teaching experience


Niloufer K. Kotwal
Head of the Department

SET Qualified

Since 2003

Life Sciences

Dr. K. Srilatha Srinivas

M.Sc. PhD
SET Qualified

Since 2008

Botany (Cytogenetics)
Life Sciences

Yogita Walke

NET Qualified

Since 2016

Life Sciences &
Agricultural Biotechnology

Sakina Garothwala


Since 2018

Life Sciences (Applied medicine)