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Senior College - Hindi

History of Department

The Department of Hindi was established in 1953. The first head of the department was Dr. Bhagirat Dixit. He was also the founder of the department. Hindi, as a subject is offered from junior college (Arts, Science and Commerce) to First year (BA) undergraduate level

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Faculty Member of Hindi Department

  • Degree College:
    R.N. Tiwari
  • New syllabus of F.Y.B.A.:
    • Litterature:
      1. Adhunik Hindi Kavyapravah by.- Brhamneshwar Nath Rai
      2. Hindi Hasya Vyangye by.- Dr. Sudhakar Mishra
    • Language:
      1. Letter writing
      2. Essay writing
      3. Grammer
        1. Change of tense (both type)
        2. Change of sentence
        3. Correct spelling and sentence
        4. Adjective and abstract noun
        5. Idioms and proverb
        6. Change of numbers,genders
        7. Synominous word
        8. Opposite word
  • Juniour College:
    1. R.N. Tiwari
    2. Ms. Neeta Singh
    3. Mr. Rajesh Joshi
    4. Ms. Veenita Bhatia
    5. Mr. A. Tiwari

Faculty Profile – Dept of English Senior College

  • Mrs. Shiromani .Y. Sikka - Head of the Department
    M.A, DHE (Mumbai University)

  • Mr. Rabindranath Tiwari - Lecturer
    M.A, B.Ed
    Hindi Chayawad and Loksahitya