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Senior College - Commerce

History of Department

History of the Department:

The Department of Commerce of Jai hind College was set up in the year 1980. Since its incorporation the department has played a pivotal role to shape the careers of commerce students in the various fields of Business Management, Administration, Marketing & Finance. The department has been continuously striving to impart quality education in the commerce discipline. Along with theoretical learning an equal emphasis is given to impart practical exposure of students to the emerging areas of their interest. In addition to the B.Com undergraduate classes the department also handles lectures in the Arts faculty as a part major combination i.e. Economics/Commerce.

Activities of the Department:

The department is committed to increase the quality of teaching and creating the interest of students to pursue commerce as field of continuing interest in future. A blend of classroom teaching coupled with experiential learning by way of on field learning in the real environment, simulated learning by way of case studies, role play, management games, debates and discussions, student presentations, storytelling, film excerpts, analysing advertisements, etc. is incorporated in the methodology.

The department enjoys a co-ordinated link with the industry wherein the students have a spontaneous interaction with the experts and also engage in industry live projects so as to get a better insight into the subjects.

There are also various student/alumni interaction programs. Students have the opportunity to talk and visit professionals who were once students. They have the chance to ask questions, observe the workplace, and learn about a specific company. The alumni mentors provide career guidance, encouragement during the academic program, advice on important course and field work, and opportunities to make professional contacts. We also encourage peer to peer teaching where one student instructs another student in material on which the first is an expert and the second is a novice.

The Department also aims at manifesting the latent entrepreneurial spirit of the young students to promote entrepreneurial & intrapreneurial outlook among students by engaging them with different innovative and leadership building activities. Budding entrepreneurs and start-ups are nurtured and mentored on the path of their entrepreneurial journey. Case study workshops are conducted by KPMG that emphasize on the value of the case method in the learning process. It is intended for all those with an interest in using case studies as a teaching tool, as well as those who are interested in research and development of such teaching cases. Research potential amongst students is encouraged by faculty motivating and guiding them to participate in Avishkar, a Mumbai University Research Competition.

An annual advertising and marketing fest called Jai Hind Advertising Festival (J.A.F) gives an excellent opportunity and platform for the students of Jai Hind to showcase their creativity and advertising knowledge. Learning organising and leadership skill are additional qualities gained by participants of JAF.

This unique methodology of teaching & learning has driven the students to not only perform excellently at the academic front with several “O” and “A” grades, but also achieve campus placements in companies such as Google, Ernest and Young, KPMG, Deloitte, Kotak Securites, Jones Lang de Salle and other reputed companies, and also receiving admissions in elite Universities of the World to pursue their further studies.


Faculty (Department of Commerce - Degree College)

  • Mr. Ashutosh Saxena
    Assistant Professor and HOD dept of commerce(M.com,UGC Net)
    Specialisation: Management and Finance
    Experience of more than 15 years teaching commerce and management subjects. Invited as BOS member of commerce in colleges in Mumbai and Maharashtra.
    Published research papers in UGC Listed journals.

  • Ms. Nital Kothari
    Assisatnt Professor (M.com,M.Phil,UGC Net)
    Specialisation-Finance and Management
    Experience of more than 20 years teaching management and finance subjects.Invited as Resource
    person at Faculty orientation and Refresher Courses at Mumbai University.
    Also subject expert and BOS member at autonomous colleges affiliated to Mumbai University.

  • Dr. Saudah Khatri
    Assistant Professor, (M.Com, M.M.M, B.M.S, L.L.B, MH-SET, PET)
    Specialisation- Marketing and Management.
    Successfully Completed PhD in July 2022 in the Faculty of Commerce from K.P.B Hinduja College of Commerce .
    Holds Master’s Degree in Marketing Management (M.M.M) from Jamnalal Bajaj Institute of Management Studies.
    Published several papers in International and UGC approved National journals with Impact factor and listings.
    Co-authored Book on Event Management for Rishab Publications.

  • Mr.Mohammad Ibrahim Shaikh
    Assistant Professor,(M.com,UGC NET,MH-SET)
    Specialisation Human Resource Management
    Management and Organisation Development
    Certified Professional Trainer and Facilitator from Edubridge Learning Pvt Ltd
    Experience in content creation,Training Delivery and Coordination