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History of Department


The Department of History started in 1948 after partition, when professors from D.J. Sind College came to Bombay. Professor C.L. Mariwalla single handedly started the Department and was soon assisted by Professor Kulkarni. In 1956, Mrs. Nirmala Gupta joined the Department followed by Mrs. L.R. Mansharamani. The Department taught full major history at the B.A. level. However in 1962, this permission lapsed due to some difficulty and History of Ancient India and Medieval India was taught upto inter-arts level.

In 1978, Mrs. Nirmala Gupta became Head of Department and in a short time History was started at the T.Y.B.A level. Later Foundation Course I was also handled by the Department. In 1993, Mrs. M.C. Dias became the Head of Department and part major history continued and the department also acquired the applied component Travel and Tourism and Foundation Course II. In August 2005, Principal Dr. Narain joined the history department. In 2010-11, History was restored to its former status with full majors being taught at T.Y.B.A level.      


The Department of History was introduced when Jai Hind College was established in 1948. In the Third Year, History is offered as a Major and Part Major. The Faculty of the Department also handles the teaching of Foundation Course in all three faculties – Arts, Science and Commerce as well as the Applied Component Paper on Travel and Tourism.  The department launched the History Association in 1999 and undertakes various activities through this forum. A module for the study of International Relations has been developed that caters to the needs of the BMS students in order to make them aware about Contemporary Issues.


The Secondary Education Commission states:
“ Even the best curriculum and the most perfect syllabus remain dead unless quickened into life by the right methods of teaching and the right kind of teachers”.

All decisions regarding teaching procedure and methodology however need to be governed by the objectives of teaching History as a subject. At Jai Hind College we strive to achieve various ideals and objectives not only through the syllabus but also through the activities of the History Association.

The Department aims to enable the pupils to assess the values and achievements of the events in the past and those happening in the current scenario. We aim to promote tolerance, impart mental training by developing an accurate comprehension and expression of National and World issues. Another major aim of the department is to provide training to students on how to deal with controversial issues with a view to search for the truth and formation of ideas and opinions. An even important objective is to promote an understanding of not only the local and national socio-political environment but also to promote international understanding.  The department also endeavors to develop technical and presentation skills amongst the students and at the same time helps to promote research skills as well.

In keeping with the above mentioned aims and objectives the methodology used by the teachers of the history department involves the lecture method with the help of Power Point presentations, Discussions, Assignments and Projects.  One of the major aims of history is to make students aware of their society and stimulate in them a sense of social responsibility.  Socialized Recitation Method is an attempt in this direction.  It aims at creating a simulated environment in which the students participate and thereby become aware about the working of organizations and other important bodies. The Mock UN sessions are an example of such an activity, even presentation of papers at the annual History Association Seminar comes under the purview of this method.  Source or Historical method is also an integral part of the teaching methodology used by the department. Besides this the department organizes field-trips annually and organizes seminars and talks where eminent personalities are invited and the students get an opportunity to hear their views and interact with them.

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Mr. Ravindra Sengaonkar Principal of Police Academy


To teach History objectively so as to understand the past to enrich our present and future.



  • Ms. Safina Rakhangi (M.A. / B.Ed. / Diploma in Human Rights)
    Head and Asst. Professor
    Deputy Chairperson - WDC
    Chairperson - Nature Club
    Deputy Chairperson - Students Support and Progression (NAAC)
    Time - Table In-Charge – Arts Faculty

  • Dr. Archana Mishra (M.A. / Ph.D / Diploma in Journalism)
    Asst. Professor
    Ex - Officio member- PR Cell.
    Co - Ordinator - Blue Bridge Programme
    Ex - Officio member - Technical Committee (NAAC)

  • Ms. Firdous Sarnoubat
    Asst. Professor


  • Ms. Safina Rakhangi (M.A. / B.Ed. / Diploma in Human Rights)
    Head and Asst. Professor
    Deputy Chairperson - WDC
    Chairperson - Nature Club
    Deputy Chairperson - Students Support and Progression (NAAC)
    Time - Table In-Charge – Arts Faculty

  • Ms. Yasmin Hashmat Ullah (M.A. / B.Ed.)
    Assistant Teacher

Dr. Vrushal T Ghoble - Ex-oficio member of Criteria III - Research (NAAC)


Arts Internal Assessment

Heritage Walk and Art Walk 2014

Blue Bridge Program 2014


The Department of History organises various add on courses round the year. One such Course is the program for US Students visiting India at the behest of the Bluebridge Consortium. Under the leadership of Ms. Mohini Dias , HOD History and Vice-Principal (Arts), this programme was initiated and is known as the Study India Program.Under the joint effort of her team and student support, these programs have seen rising popularity over the years.

This year the Course was held from June 18 to July 20th .The Course comprised of 20 hours of classroom lectures and field visits of 6 -10 hours along with cultural events such as interaction and viewing of a movie. This year the lectures were organised in the new building of Jaihind College.

This is the fourth year of the successful running of the course. The range of topics encompasses the Indian religion, culture, philosophy, freedom movement, social structure and practices, literature, Indian political system, globalisation, media, Advertising, entrepreneurship and Ethnic arts. Our students hold a session on practical aspects like Indian festivals, mehndi etc.

Every year we have been having music based jamming session between our in house students and visiting US students. Since last year, on popular student demand, a cultural meet has been started which provides a platform to both the Visiting students and our inhouse students from all faculties.

This year, various cultural shades were brought together in a bouquet of performances ranging from Indian classical dances to rich and vibrant folk dancing and even Bollywood contemporary. A special music session was put up to give the students a feel of various genres of music in India and some English numbers were also blended in the performance.

The students have provided a positive feedback on the quality of lectures, interaction with students and cultural meet.The Assistant Coordinator for the Course was Dr.Archana Mishra while the student coordinator for the same was Ms.Divyani Khaitan , Secretary of History Association,our TYBA student.There was support from a large student volunteer group for various activities.

International Relations 2014

CSR Activity - Dept of History 2014


Prof. Mohini Dias, Vice Principal (Arts) organized a 7- days CSR activity from 19th May- 25th May, 2014.She put together a team of Faculty and students to implement an English Enhancement Programme which entailed the teaching of communication skills in English to a group of 100 policewomen trainees at Khandala Police Training Centre. This programme could be implemented because of the strong support of and encouragement provided by Principal Dr.A.Wadia. The teaching inputs were provided by some of the teachers of the English Department coordinated by Prof.(Mrs.Balaporia),former Vice -Principal & former Head of Department of English . Ms. Romita , Vice -Principal of Junior College was also a part of the programme. The initiative for the programme came from the Principal of the Training Institute, Mr.Ravindra Songaonkar, IPS at Khandala.