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Junior College - Hindi

History of Department

The Department of Hindi was established in 1953. The first head of the department was Dr. Bhagirat Dixit. He was also the founder of the department. Hindi, as a subject is offered from junior college (Arts, Science and Commerce) to First year (BA) undergraduate level

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Faculty - Dept. of Hindi - Junior College

  • Mrs. Shiromani .Y. Sikka - Head
    M.A, DHE (Mumbai University)

  • Mr. Rabindranath Tiwari - Lecturer
    M.A, B.Ed, Hindi
    Chayawad and Loksahitya

  • Mrs. Neeta .R.Singh - Lecturer
    M.A., B.Ed, M.Ed., M.Phil
    English Literature and language

  • Mr. Rajesh S Joshi - Lecturer
    M.A, B.Ed (University Of Mumbai)

  • Mrs. Vinita Bhatia - Lecturer
    MA, B.EdHindi


Hindi syllabus for class 11 Arts,Science and Commerce

Name of the book : YUVAK BHARTI
It contains Prose Poetry and Rapid Reading

Prose :  There are 15 chapters out of which 1st five are for the 1st term 2nd half for the 2nd term and last five chapters are done after Christmas vacation.

Poetry :  There are 14 poems out of which 1st five for the 1st term 2nd five in the 2nd term and the last 4 Poems after Christmas vacation

Rapid Reading : There are 10 chapters out of which 1st five in the first term and the next five in the 2nd term.

Grammar :
First Term
Vakyon ke bhed. Kaal Parivartan and Muhavaren

Second Term
Avvyai,Patra Lekhan,Nibandh Lekhan and Saar Lekhan.