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Media coverage Ecell 2022-23

Interaction With Senator Jonathon Ossoff

During his eight-day trip to India, the senior U.S. Senator from Georgia, Jonathan Ossoff, was keen on interacting with young leaders to meditate on the challenges facing their generation. At 35, Senator Ossoff is the youngest U.S. Senator in a little over three decades. Six students from Jai Hind College met Senator Ossoff and Consul General Mike Hankey on August 30, 2022, at Khyber Restaurant, Mumbai. The participating students were from varied fields — ranging from business management and finance, to biotechnology and economics. The students in attendance were: Aditi Sawant, an English literature major; Atef Shaikh, a finance major; Jai Thadani, a biotechnology major; Mahek Sadhwani, majoring in economics; Shivansh Totla, majoring in business management and finance; and Yuvika Nathawat, a bioscience major. What followed was a scintillating exchange of ideas that reflected a sense of shared optimism. It was collectively inferred that the internet has transformed the world in more ways than one, for it has facilitated an unprecedented wave of globalization of values and ideals. Senator Ossoff echoed that the internet has helped young people across the globe partake in discourses that transcend geographical barriers. Moreover, the cadre did not shy away from examining the challenges posed by domestic violence, racism, and cyber bullying. Senator Ossoff’s body of work as a documentary producer helped the students establish that independent filmmakers and production houses have played a pivotal role in destigmatizing uncomfortable conversations around violence against women, racial discrimination, and other systems of oppression. The meeting ended with the Senator promising to meet the students in a year’s time to reflect on the leaps and progress made by the world.

At Jai Hind College, we ensure that along with education and academics, there are regular sporting and intellectual events that help our students & patrons to get together and be part of enriching experiences.

Over the past few years, we’ve organized events that have been chaired by notable personalities who not only share their insights on various topics, but also play a key role in stimulating the young minds of today.

One such event was the Interdisciplinary Seminar, commemorating 60 years of the Indian Constitution. To mark this momentous occasion, we brought together the descendants of two stalwarts of the Global Peace Movement of the past decade – Mr. Martin Luther King III ( Son of Martin Luther King Jr.) and Mr. Tushar Gandhi (great-grandson of Mahatma Gandhi) – to Retrospect & Prospect.

With such events, we ensure that the legacy with which the college was built in our great nation and world, is preserved for millennia. Take a look…


BMS - Start Your Venture Initiative

Ajay Melwani and Akshay Jain from third year BMS launched their startup 'The Q' which was featured on The Economic Times on 8th June2016 as India's top 30 innovative startups in India via catapoolt's crowd funding platform. The Q mobile app helps users jump queues at supermarkets, railway stations and fast food chains

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Talaash - Festival 2015

Interdisciplinary Seminar 2010   Interdisciplinary Seminar 2010      
Interdisciplinary Seminar 2010   Interdisciplinary Seminar 2010      
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