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Senior College - EVS

History and Research

Department of Environmental Studies came into existence along with commerce faculty in 1980. Earlier this paper was known as Commercial Geography. Later it changed as Environmental Studies. This subject covers various environment related issues and concerns. Post autonomy department has changed the syllabus as per the need of time. Field work and research is now one of the important element of the syllabus.

Department is actively involved in research activities. Dr. Udhav Zarekar is Head of Department of EVS department. He has published 11 research papers in national and international journals. He has also completed three minor research projects and one major interdisciplinary research project. Beside publishing his research work he also presented 7 research papers in National & International conference held across India. Department is actively involved in attending several workshops/seminars locally and Nationally. Dr. Udhav Zarekar has also delivered several talks in and around Mumbai colleges on various environmental issues in an offline and online mode.

Faculty Profile

Dr. Udhav Zarekar, M.A (Geography), B.Ed, SET, PHD

Former Vice Principal of Commerce (2019 -2022)
Core committee member of CAS
Member of Gymkhana committee
Member of Marathi Vangmay mandal
Member of ICC Committee
Member & Chairperson of Inquiry committee
Advisory member to NSS