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Senior College - Political Science

History of Department


The subject Pol. Sc. is being taught since the inception of the college and the first Head of the Dept was Prof. K. K. Gajria. He headed the Dept. of Eco. and Pol. Sc.  After his retirement in 1975, Miss M. A. Bharwani took over as the Head of the Dept. of Eco and Pol. Sc and worked till 1982.  Thereafter, Mr. V. Chabria took over the headship of the department till 1995.  In 1995-96, Ms. Meeta Saxena taught Pol. Sc. In the year 1996, Ms. P. H. Mirapuri became the Head of the Dept of Pol. Sc. She was also holding the post of Vice-principal Arts till her retirement. Since June 2008, Dr. Reema Julka is the HOD of Pol. Sc.

Information about the Dept

The Dept of Political Science is a One-Person Dept.

Political Science has always been a popular subject combination for the students of B.A. Jai Hind offers Pol.Sc in all the three years of B.A. At the TYBA level it is offered as a part-major subject.


‘We help the students in becoming enlightened citizens and good leaders’

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Faculty in Political Science

  • Dr. Reema Julka - Assistant Professor, Head of the Department
    MA, Ph.D., NET and SET qualified
    International Relations