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Junior College - Commerce

History of Department


“Beyond Just Commerce”

The Junior College section of Jai Hind College began in June 1980. The Commerce faculty also started in the same year. It has grown from strength to strength in these last three decades.


Email: commerce.jrcol@gmail.com


Faculty - Dept. of Commerce - Junior College

  • Ms. Chandralekha Y. Shah
    M.com(1st in university), D.H.Ed.Organisation of Commerce in Fyjc  & Syjc

  • Ms. Rekha Shah
    M.com, D.H.Ed.
    Organisation of Commerce in Fyjc  & Syjc

  • Ms. Z.G. Surti
    M.com, D.H.Ed., MSACIT(MKCL)
    Secretarial Practice in Fyjc  & Syjc

  • Ms. N.A. Vahi
    M.com, D.H.Ed.
    Accountancy in Syjc, organization of commerce in Fyjc.

  • Mr. Deepak R. Ved
    F.CA., M.com, LLB, D.H.Ed.
    Accountancy in Fyjc  & Syjc.

  • Mr. Fazal M. Shahzaman
    M.com, B.Ed.
    Accountancy in Fyjc & Syjc.Financial Accounting, Management Accounting & Cost Accounting  in BMS, Financial Accounting in BAF & BFM



Secretarial practice

First  Term

I.Meaning,Imp.&Types of Secretary
II.Joint Stock Company, Its Formation, Its Prime Documents, Its Organizational Structure & Its Meetings.

Second Term

III.Machinery Monitoring Joint Stock Company.
IV.Business Correspondence:
a)Secretarial Correspondence with Board of Directors
b)Secretarial Correspondence with Registrar of Company
c)Secretarial correspondence with Banks
d) Secretarial Correspondence with Insurance Company.

Secretarial  Practice

First Term

I. Capital Formation of Joint Stock Company
II.Role of Secretary in Capital Formation (Part I & II)
III. Declaration & Payment of Dividend
IV.Secretarial Correspondence with :

  1. Members of Company
  2. Debentureholders of Company
  3. Depositors of Company

Second Term

V.Introduction to Stock Exchange
VI. Role of Secretary in maintaining  Statutory Books, Forms & Returns
VII.Report Writing

Syllabus & Plan for the Year:

Organisation of Commerce


  First Term Second Term
F.Y.J.C. 1) Meaning, nature & Importance of Trade, Commerce & Industry.
2) Internal Trade.
3) External Trade.
4) Aids to Trade- Banks.
1) Aids to Trade- Insurance.
2) Aids to Trade- Transport
3) Aids to Trade-Marketing,             Advertising.
4) Modern Commercial Office.
S.Y.J.C. 1) Forms of Business organization
2) Business Environment
3) Social Responsibilities of Business and Business Ethics
4) Consumer Movement and Protection
5) Management
1) Principles of Management
2) Functions of Management
3) New Trends in Management

Book Keeping & Accountancy


  First Term Second term
F.Y.J.C 1) Journal
2) Ledger
3) Subsidiary Books
4) Cash Book
1) Petty Cash Book
2) Bank Reconciliation Statement
3) Rectification of Errors
4) Final Accounts
S.Y.J.C 1) Bill of Exchange
2) Accounts of Not for Profit Concern
3) Single Entry
4) depreciation
5) Joint Venture Accounts
1) Partnership Final Accounts
2) Computer Awareness
3) Goodwill of partnership firms

Exam Pattern :


Two Unit Tests for 50 Marks each
One Terminal Exam for 100 marks
One Annual Exam for 100 Marks


Terminal Exam for 100 marks
Preliminary Exam for 100 Marks
Board Exam for 100 Marks (conducted by Maharashtra Board)