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Enactus Jai Hind College 2022-2023 Annual Report

Enactus Jai Hind College 2022-2023 Annual Report

Entrepreneurship Cell & Skill Hub

Entrepreneurship Cell and Skill Hub - 2022-23

Glimpses From The Global E-Summit 2023

Jai Hind Business Conclave - BBA Initiative

Business Conclave - BBA Initiative

Incubator & Accelerator Centre

Incubator & Accelerator Centre 2023

Enactus Jai Hind College 2022

Enactus is the world’s largest experiential learning platform dedicated to creating a better world while developing the next generation of entrepreneurial leaders and social innovators. The Enactus network of global business, academic and student leaders are unified by our vision—to create a better, more sustainable world.

Faculty Advisor: Dr Rakhi Sharma
Student Secretary-Moin Saiyad

Projects Under Enactus -Jai Hind College

Project Green Tee, is a quest born from the fraught uncertainties bestowed by the pandemic, to impart opportunities for alternative employment, financial independence, and personal empowerment, to women trudging in fragile hope through the landscape of some parts of Mumbai’s.

This initiative served two purpose - humanity and sustainability . It featured the participation of this marginalized community to recycle single-use plastic bottles into hand-sewn, stylish recycled t-shirt garments fit for everyday use.


We tackled a mass scale outreach effort to obtain plastic bottles from personal sources to external ones the likes of popular hotel chains. These bottles were then further segregated according to color, with their caps and labels removed, and shredded into small colorful chips. Following a warm rinse and trip to the ovens, the flakes were melted into tiny pellets, undergoing stringent filtration and contamination removal. The filaments are combined and winded into stronger threads to create weighted spools of yarn. The yarn is subsequently stretched, carded, and roved before it is spun into fabric and is sent to our beneficiaries workplace and then the fabric is sewn into our Green - Tees by our beneficiaries . And this is how 7 PET bottles can be transformed into 1 - uber comfortable, stylish t - shirt. Our team of over 120 volunteers were trained to promote sales within their networks.We reached out to fashion influencers and thrift stores for brand visibility.GreenTee has also garnered a substantial instagram presence of 800+ followers upon its launch.We have impacted an audience of 900+ people through seminars and upskilling workshops on sustainable practices, designed to draw attention to our project.


  • 25+ Women directly Empowered
  • 10,000+ Plastic bottles recycled
  • 1100+ T-shirts Manufactured
  • Helped beneficiaries raise Rs.185,000 from sales.
  • Achieved 12 Sustainable development goals


Project Tech Shiksha, launched in December of 2020, was inclined towards slightly different goals. The project served to impart holistic learning to the under-privileged and poverty-ridden youth, whose education had come to a still-stop due to Coronavirus concerns. A significantly huge band of volunteers, with a count spanning in increasing double digits, eagerly volunteered to carry the initiative forward, through customised curriculums conducted over several online classes. In this vein, two distinct sessions on the terrors of plastic waste, as well as the necessity of sustainability, were conducted with the kids involved in the project.


  • 120+ kids and women directly impacted and educated via upskilling workshops and educational classes
  • Conducted one-on-one classes in technical subjects such as math and science, as well as stimulating workshops in arts and crafts for more than 50 underprivileged children and students who lost access to education as a result of the pandemic.



Entrepreneurship Cell And Skill Hub

Faculty Convener: Dr. Rakhi Sharma

Since the very beginning, Jai Hind College (Autonomous) has been an active advocate in championing the desideratum of an entrepreneurial ecosystem set-up in our society. In 2007, in a bid to frame and embed such an apparatus within the confines of our own institute, the Entrepreneurship Cell was founded.

Technology has changed the way we do everything. Things change at such a rapid pace that there's an ongoing need for students to consistently add new skills and technical knowledge to their repertoire. With this mindset, the Skill Hub was added to the E-Cell in 2018 in order to embed adapting, upskilling and reskilling in students so that they have the necessary skillsets for the jobs of tomorrow. This is done throughout the year via workshops and competitions ensuring continuous learning. The Entrepreneurship Cell and Skill Hub was digitally inaugurated by our Hon’ble Prime Minister, Shri Narendra Modi.

The Entrepreneurship Summit began in 2016 and went global in 2020. It was started with the objective of providing a platform for startups across the country as well as to foster entrepreneurship among students.

From 2021, The Jai Hind College Entrepreneurship Cell and Skill Hub is under the Institution's Innovation Council) aims to provide students with opportunities for skilling and enhancing learning with industry experts, mentors, workshops, and more.


The Entrepreneurship Cell and Skill Hub is now under the IIC which is under the Ministry of Education in collaboration with the AICTE who have established ‘MoE’s Innovation Cell’ with the mandate to work closely with Higher Education Institutions (HEIs) to encourage the creative energy of our student population to work on new ideas and innovation and promote them to create start-ups and entrepreneurial ventures.

IIC Team
Faculty Head- Dr. Rakhi Sharma
Faculty Members- Dr. Kruti Pandya, Prof. Reshma Jaisinghani, Prof. Prateek Kumar, Prof. Sai Prasad Shetty

Council Members- Industry Experts

  • Mr. Peshwa Acharya
    President- Brightcom Group; Founder of Think as a consumer

  • Adv. Aazmeen Kasad
    Legal consultant and Professor of Law

  • Mr. Shriyans Bhandari
    Founder and CEO of Greensole, Director, Heritage Girls School


Alumni Archives was a two-day long event featuring graduates of Jai Hind College who have excelled in their respective fields through sheer hard work and extensive research. Through this event, we aimed to educate students about the modern-day trends and new age skills that are a must to flourish in the present world. The sessions provided motivated students with a sense of direction towards their individualistic goals and helped them make more calculated decisions regarding their endeavours.

Events conducted under Alumni Archives

  • Just Brand It by Mr. Manil Dodhani- Branding and Marketing Director, APAC at Landor and Fitch
  • Past Present Crypto by Mr. Upamanyu Acharya- IIM Ahmedabad Graduate, Currently working at Reckitt
  • Define your Journey Ahead by Mr. Harsh Lal- Co-founder and Director, The Souled Store
  • Design and Implementation by Ms. Priyal Parikh- Design Innovator at EAI Technologies, Virginia, USA

2021-22 timeline-

  • FRANCHISING-The route for growth of Koolchas by Mr. Gaurav Bahl- Founder of KOOLCHAS
  • What’s My Story by Mr. Baljeet Gujral Entrepreneur, IIM Calcutta, Stanford GSB
  • What's your career? By Ms. Megha Choudary- IIM B, Jai Hind BMSAlumnus


A 5-day long initiative comprising of workshops and business competitions saw a footfall of more than 500 attendees. E-nnovate 2021 aimed to connect people and ideas while enabling attendees to explore their interests and at the same time get exposed to various upcoming skills.

Events conducted under E-nnovate:

  • Networking your way to Success by Priyanjali Malpani founder and CEO of The Clique Club.
  • Zero to One by Mr. Shankar Srinivasan, Head of Product at SARVA , Former Co - Founder & COO of Inclov
  • What’s My Story by Sanat Heerani, Founder and CEO at Realtives
  • Day Trading for a Living by Mr. Parang Mehta, Director and Chief Production Officer at Havenspire
  • Gaming x Finance by Mr. Manish Maryada, Founder and CEO at FELLO.
  • Elevate Your Pitch (competition)
  • Jack of All Traits(competition)


The E-Cell and Skill Hub Of Jai Hind College has always been known to nurture new and skills and help them to convert to concrete and ground-breaking ideas of tomorrow. Taking from this, The Global Entrepreneurship Summit of 2022 took place online despite the fact of the pandemic with the theme - The Power of I- Innovation, Ideation, Investment, sponsored by HDFC Bank was a 2 day online event held from 25th - 27th February 2022, comprising of a plethora of challenging competitions, new age skills speaker sessions and masterclasses on relevant areas such as Cryptocurrencies, Supply Chain Management, Law, Marketing and much more by renowned speakers from India, Germany, Canada, and USA as well.


  • Digital India
  • Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology
  • National E- Governance Division
  • Make In India
  • AWS Activate
  • Mumbai Angels Network
  • StartUp India
  • Skill India
  • Maharashtra State Innovation Society
  • Wadhwani Foundation
  • Inflection Point Ventures
  • TIE Mumbai
  • Enactus

Keynote Speakers:
Mr. Shriyans Bhandari, Co-founder, and CEO of Greensole
▪ Shared economy and UGC

Mr. Gaurav Sawhney, CEO of Piramal Realty-
▪ Future of Living spaces in India

Ankur Mittal, Co- founder of Inflection Point Ventures,
▪ Investing in Indian startup ecosystem

Ajeet Khurana, Founder of Stealth Mode Crypto Project –
▪ Future of cryptocurrency


  • Mohit Shukla , Managing Director | India Legal and Lead India Regulatory and Government Relations, Barclays India
  • Uday Wankawala ,Chief Executive Officer at Atal Incubation Centre, Rambhau Mhalgi Prabodhini
  • Satish Kataria, Co-Founder, Assets Positive; Founder Coach
  • Pankaj Thakar, Founder and Chief Mentor, PadUp Ventures
  • Shivangi Bubna, Partner - Investments at Mumbai Angels Network
  • Vivek Bhojwani, CEO at StartUp Consulting India
  • Priya Gupta, Founder of Sarvpriye Foundation , Social Startup mentor, IIM Kozhikode
  • Deepak Joyce, Founder of Joyce Law and Pronto 21
  • Prateek Kumar, Founder&CEO at NeoNiche Integrated Solutions Pvt. Ltd., Jharkhand Angels
  • Vishal Tiwari, Founder & Managing Partner at Veteran Global Lawyer's & Associates
  • Rahul Munot, Head of International Business at Trilok Steel Industries
  • Umesh Rathod, Founder of Lean Campus Startups, Startup Author and Mentor
  • Vandana Sharma, IIC Innovation Ambassador, Startup India Mentor, Manager Innovation Hub at AKTU, Lucknow
  • Ankit Saraf, Investment Associate at Dexter Ventures

Contact Us-
E-mail- contactus@jaihindesummit.com
Website- https://www.jaihindesummit.com/

Internal Complaint Committee (ICC)

Jai Hind College has a zero tolerance policy against sexual harassment as defined by sexual harassment of women at workplace (prevention, prohibition and redressal) Act 2013. Sexual Harassment at workplace is a punishable offence . As per the act the internal complaints committee (ICC ) to address matters of sexual harassment had been constituted at Jai Hind College In case of any complaints contact any of the members of the ICC of jai hind college as given below.

Ms. N K Jyothi (Dept of Psychology)
(Presiding officer)

Dr. Supriya Deshmukh (Dept of Chemistry)

Ms. Mahek Punjabi (College counsellor)
(Expert member)

Dr. Udhav Zarekar (Vice Principal Commerce Dept)

Advocate Aazmeen Kasad
(External expert)

Contact no: 02222040256, 02222041095
Email ID: icc@jaihindcollege.edu.in

Entrepreneurship Cell & Skill Hub (RUSA)

Jai Hind College (Autonomous) Entrepreneurship Cell And Skill Hub (Under RUSA)


Jai Hind College Entrepreneurship Cell & Skill hub was designed to construct an entrepreneurial ecosystem, which aims to promote and encourage the spirit of entrepreneurship among budding entrepreneurs, and create a platform to enhance their skill sets.

It was founded on a single cardinal objective- to give students the freedom to grasp first-hand, the diverse practicalities and profundities of the corporate world.

Simply put, our intent is stimulating greater correspondence between students, corporate bodies, entrepreneurs, and the like, and subsequently building a sphere of infinite growth and constant learning.

An all year round initiative

Over the years the Cell has evolved from our flagship event, the E-Summit into an all year round initiative which conducts speaker and mentor sessions, workshops, competitions and master classes not only to promote the spirit of entrepreneurship but also skill building.

2019-20 Timeline:

  • Startup Meet
  • Group Discussion: Mobile Platform Usage Among College Students
  • Risk Mitigation Workshop
  • Gray Matter Force Competition
  • Young Leaders Program on Business Risk Management
  • Foundational Course in Entrepreneurship by Wadhwani Foundation
  • E-Week
    • What’s My Story
    • Gray Matter Force: Round 3
    • D.I.S.R.U.P.T.
    • 1$ Venture
    • Entrepreneurship Jeopardy
    • Entrepreneurs in Action (Walk-a-thon)

The E-Summit

The Jai Hind College Entrepreneurship Summit was started in 2016, with the objective of providing a platform for startups across the country, as well as to foster entrepreneurship among students. The past collaborations in the summit include Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology, Rise Mumbai, Digital India, and more.

Past speakers from the summit include Subhash Dandekar, Chairman Emeritus of Kokuyo Camlin, Mr. Ajeet Khurana, ExCEO at SINE, Mr. Devendra Shah, Chairman & MD of Parag Milk Foods, Mr. Rajiv Dingra, Founder & CEO, WAT Consult, and more! Each year the summit gets bigger and better.

Global E-Summit 2020

Recapitulating the evolution of ideas of the entrepreneurs from last year, one can’t help but pay heed to the fact that the smartest entrepreneurs have always recognized that success comes from figuring out on how to change human behaviour.

Consequently, in order to support such out-of-box ideas and encourage students and start ups across the country, students at Jai Hind College, Mumbai took up the initiative of introducing the Entrepreneurship Summit. Celebrating the 4th year, Global Entrepreneurship Summit 2020, with NTT-Netmagic as the title sponsor, was in association with NITI Aayog, Digital India, Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology, Startup India, and more. Additionally, it proved to be a fruitful learning experience to all its attendees and participants. The 2-day long summit, from the 10th of January 2019 to 11th of January 2020, had a host of exciting things in store which included an array of competitions, the start up competition, speaker sessions from the who’s and who of the industry and master classes in areas of Marketing, Risk Management, Food And Technology to name a few.

Keynote Speakers:

  • Mr. Ramanan Ramanathan, Mission Director – Atal Innovation Mission, Additional Secretary - Govt. of India
  • Mr. Anil Joshi, Founder & Managing Partner at Unicorn India Ventures.
  • Mr. Sharad Sanghi, CEO and Managing Director of NTT Netmagic.
  • Mrs. Lina Ashar, Founder of Kangaroo Kids and Billabong High International School.
  • Mr. Vikram Bhatt, Founder & Director of Enrich
  • Mr. Anuj Puri, Chairman and Founder, ANAROCK Consultants.

Esteemed Mentors:

  • Mohit Shukla, MD and Legal Head at Barclays
  • Uday Wankawala, CEO at Atal Incubation Centre Rambhau Mhalgi Prabodhini
  • Sanjay Nath, Founding Partner at BlumeVentures
  • Satish Kataria, Investment Head at Viridian Asset Advisors Pvt. Ltd.
  • Shashank Randev, Founder VC at 100X.VC
  • Shilpa Sehgal, Partner at Equanimity Ventures Trust
  • Dr. Manisha Acharya, CEO at Indigram Labs Foundation
  • Sampark Sachdeva, Head of Sales at OYO
  • Abhijeet Kumar, Co-Founding Partner at Ah! Ventures
  • Subhasis Ghosh, Managing Partner at Apex Group
  • Ashwin Srivastava, Co-Founder and CEO at Sapio Analytics
  • Sonya Dutta Choudhary, Author and Journalist
  • Juzer Tambawala, Head of Marketing, Franklin Templeton Investments
  • Moiz Lakdawalla, National Head BFSI at Magicbricks
  • Prasenjit Roy, CMO at NTT Netmagic
  • Dr. Ankita Singh, VP and Global Head: HR, Admin, Travel, IT at Cignex
  • Jital Shah, Mentor at Entrepreneurs Organization and Partner at Sanghar Group
  • Abhijit Dabhade, Entrepreneurship Educator
  • Juhi Shah, Founder of Juhi Shah Label, a Fashion Start Up
  • Shrikant Hazare, Founder of Blue Pine
  • Payal Amberkar, Founder of Paymach Designs
  • Ravi Kikan, Author, Head of Marketing & Growth at Zing HR
  • Amit Kumar, Founder & CEO, MSMEx
  • Swati Mehra, Co – Founder & Partner
  • Sixth Sense Ventures Advisors LLP
  • Sumit Tayal, COO, Netscribes
  • Tanveer Bhagat, Founder, Tanveer Bhagat & Co., Chartered Accountants

Entrepreneurship Cell and Skill Hub 2020-21

Since the very beginning of the year we have hosted a variety of sessions under the Entrepreneurship Cell and Skill Hub. Even in this lockdown period, it has been promoting the spirit of entrepreneurship through online events and sessions to carry forward the entrepreneurial ecosystem.

  • MISSSION INNOVATION: An online business idea competition in the given scenario of a nation-wide lockdown
  • HARAT PADHE ONLINE: An Initiative by the Ministry of HRD: An open forum discussion inviting ideas from students to derive a seamless system of online education in India
  • BRANDING MASTERCLASS: An online Masterclass by Manil Dodani, Brand Strategist at Landor, teaching students the concept of Branding
    • A speaker session on “Becoming Local Changemakers through Social Entrepreneurship” by Shriyans Bhandari, Founder and CEO, Greensole.
    • An interactive speaker session by Mr. Rajiv Dingra, Founder – WAT Consult on the intricacies and importance of Digital Marketing in today’s day and age.

RCJC-Rotaract Club of Jai Hind College


  1. Zodiak Fest: Zodiak Fest'20 happened in the month of September. Rotaract Clubs from all over Mumbai come and participate for this festival. It is a 2 day event where in all the clubs compete with each other. Day 1 events are on ground where as on Day 2, there's dance and fashion show. It a a great festival and we have a different theme for each year. It is a legacy project.
  2. Silent Saturdays is a month log event which happens in the month of November. We adopt a slum and throughout, the month we work for the betterment of the slum. This year we adopted a slum in Mahim. We have four causes, one for each week: Health, Education, Hunger and Safety. Every Saturday we do a street play, to spread awareness about the cause. It is the biggest community service event in the entire year.
  3. RCJC Model United Nations happened in the month of December. It is an organized debate where in college students can come together and discuss various kinds of international issues. It was a 2 day event wherein we have 4 different committees. We had delegates coming in from different colleges and it was a successful debate after all.
  4. Cheekh is an International Service initiative which happens on 'International Womens Day' i.e. 7th March. We performed flash mobs in various locations all over Mumbai which included CST station, Rcity Mall, Infiniti mall and our own college campus. We do this event in order to spread awareness about women trafficking and encouraging women to step forward and raise a voice. It is indeed one of our most successful events.
  5. 5) World University Fair- A career fair for studies abroad which was organised by RCJC in collaboration with the Career Counseling Cell of Jai Hind College. There were around 49 universities from all over the world from places like New Zealand, Australia, Europe, USA, Canada, etc. This fair also included many seminars regarding CV making, Tests to be given, etc.. This event was organised on the 15th of February.

Economics Association, Jai Hind College - 2019

Introduction: The Economics Association of Jai Hind College is a body of over 110 members which provides a platform for students to apply theoretical knowledge practically, so as to conceptualize the ideas that improves the world we live in today. It aims at honing students’ skills, starting from core research work, public speaking to equipping them with managerial skills. The association is open to all the students of Jai Hind College who are intrigued by the world of Economics, despite of their area of academics.

Office Bearers:
General Secretary- Sulekha Sharma
Joint Secretary- Vanshika Samtani
Head of Finance- Harsh Jain
Head of Social Initiatives- Tanay Sawhney
Head of Special Initiatives- Muskan Goyal
Fest Co-ordinator- Guruksha Gurnani
SY Coordinator- Poorva Badaya

Chairperson: Ms. Sarita Jaishankar
Ex-officio members: Ms. Vaidehi Dhamankar, Ms. Mousumi Mazumdar, Ms Vibhuti Gunjal

Events/ Activities:  
Arthanomics 2019 :  Arthanomics is the annual Business and Economics fest conducted by the Economics Association, with more than 45 colleges participating from all over India. Arthanomics 2019 is the 7th edition of the fest and will be held on 8th, 9th and 10th of August. Do join us to get an insight of the real world and interact with Economics enthusiasts. For more details visit the Festivals section of this website or log on to www.arthamomics.net.

Annual Economics Symposium: The Annual Economics Symposium was held on 8th February, 2019. This year's Symposium had an array of events to participate in so as to encourage talent in an intra-college setup. The paper presentation - The Symposium Scrutiny introduced the first and second year students to writing research papers under the mentoring of second and third year students. The Symposium Screen was a short movie making contest, which witnessed great features with core Economics concepts. The Symposium assembly was a parliamentary style debating event discussing the recent socio-economic changes.

The Contrarian: The Contrarian is a journalistic venture founded by the students of the Department of Economics. Primarily envisioned as a platform for perspectives, discourse and thought for students, by students, The Contrarian publishes magazines and produces online content with a special focus on what the present demographic reads. The Contrarian collaborated with Arthanomics’18 to create a highly well-received online event, The Contrarian Column, which witnessed student submissions from some of the most reputable colleges in the country.

The association has also participated in inter-college festivals and competitions such as

  • International Economics Convention - On 14th-15th December 2018, B.A. students Ayan Banerjee, Sana Mazumdar, Priyanka Oza, Siddhant Chatterjee, Gargi Mishra and Guruksha Gurnani participated in the acclaimed International Economics Convention- a research paper competition. They secured the First Position and won the prestigious Haresh A. Lakhani Memorial Rotating Trophy. The team was also awarded for Best Research Paper, Best Innovative Solution and Best Speaker.

  • Discidium 2019 - Discidium, the annual business and economics fest of HR College had an array of events in which our contingent performed very well and secured the Overall trophy this year.

  • Econvista 2019 - The association also represented Jai Hind at Lady Shri Ram College, Delhi in their academic fest Econvista. The contingent secured 3rd position in “Ecoprayog”.

Enactus Jai Hind College 2017

Faculty Advisor: Dr. Rakhi Sharma
Head of Department : Management Studies, Jai Hind College.

Dr. Rakhi Sharma, a certified Entrepreneurship Educator by Stanford University, USA, is the faculty head for Enactus Jai Hind College. She has nurtured an entrepreneurial ecosystem by guiding and mentoring entrepreneurs and students alike, in her capacity as a mentor & an advisory board member for start-ups.

She has played a key role as a mentor for the team that represented India at the HSBC/HKU Business Case Competition in Hong Kong. Dr. Rakhi Sharma is a master trainer - Entrepreneurship Educator program of Wadhwani Foundation (partner Ministry of Skill Development & Entrepreneurship) which has trained faculty and entrepreneurial leaders from various institutes in different states.

Dr. Sharma was awarded the “Leadership Award” by Mahindra Rise and Enactus India for creating a significant impact in professional growth and personal development of students.

Contact detail - rakhi_mks@yahoo.com


Navid Gowani
(President 2017-18)

A true tech enthusiast, audiophile, keen photographer and cinematographer, from putting together a computer within record time to designing his own LF speaker system, Navid has done it all.

As the Technology Head of Project Saffron, Navid was instrumental in improving the lives of many underprivileged children by providing them with formal education and training through advanced technology, all within the timeline of a month.

He was selected to be a participant of Global Encounters, an international camp focused on service and development. He also won first place at the Hairat NGO Case Study Competition.

Operational experience from overseeing the family business, and managing community responsibilities has given him the motivation to follow his passion after two years of engineering.

Contact detail -‬ navidgowani@gmail.com | +91 9699 18 9595


Pratik Malhotra
President (2016-2017); currently placed with E&Y.

Pratik has played a key role in creating an integrated structure within the organisation. He's the personification of documentation, quantification and decorum, which made possible the swift execution of Project Inaayat.

Prior to Enactus he served as the Chairperson of Project Saffron, impacting over 3000 lives annually through the set up of 4 computer labs within a strict timeline of a month.

Apart from having held multiple positions of leadership across diverse departments and functions within college, Pratik has also been a part of the team representing India at the HSBC/HKU Business Case Competition in Hong Kong (Winner- India; Top 16-Worldwide).

An eloquent speaker, with his excellent persuasion ability, Pratik has given Enactus Jai Hind College a clear and a positive direction.

Contact detail - pratikmalhotra2312@gmail.com


Jai Hind College team of four students, Upamanyu Acharya, Diveek Jain, Pratik Malhotra and Ishaan Singh, along with Faculty Advisor Dr. Rakhi Sharma, represented India at the HSBC/HKU Asia Pacific Business Case Competition 2017 in Hong Kong, Enactus being the implementation partner.


Project Inaayat, under the leadership of Pratik Malhotra, aimed to help women from the socially and economically backward sections of society by collaborating with Dharma Bharathi Mission, an NGO, and teaching them how to stitch, thereby enabling them to create accessories like handbags and drawstring backpacks using discarded denim cloth.

Creating awareness about Project Inaayat, in collaboration with DBM at the NGO Expo, held at World Trade Centre, Cuff Parade.


- Empowered a group of over 15 women by facilitating additional income through means of a profitable vocational skill.
- Prototyped, produced, and sold a sizeable number of these bags.
- Helped them increase their outreach through means of an NGO Expo.


Charoo Agrawal
President (2015-2016); currently working at Deloitte.

Charoo Agrawal, the first President of Enactus Jai Hind College is one of the most confident leaders Jai Hind College has ever seen. She was the organiser and licensee forTEDxJaiHindCollege 2016.A national level lawn tennis player, Charoo has excelled in the extra-curricular field as well.

With her charm and bold personality, she has impacted hundreds of lives in town through project Naaz. Charoo is motivated to achieve her ambition of giving back to the society and helping the needy.

Contact detail - agrawalcharoo@gmail.com


Project Naaz, under the leadership of Charoo Agrawal aimed to help the Fellowship of the Physically Handicapped (FPH) increase the sales of their handmade lifestyle products, such as pouches, towels, gift cards, etc.


- Created sales worth Rs. 27,000 within two months, for the first time in the history of FPH.

- Helped the organisation in enhancing the services provided to their beneficiaries in the form of better food and basic amenities.

- Facilitated FPH with a relatively smoother sustenance.


Project Greensole focussed on the idea of refurbishing worn out footwear to make it usable, and accessible to the people who couldn’t afford regular brands, and recycling materials to reduce the carbon footprint.


- Greensole is now a successful business functioning in Navi Mumbai, but leaving a nationwide impact.

- It has been extensively covered by online news websites like Forbes, BBC India, DNA, The Hindu Business Line and Vogue.

- It has received acknowledgments from eminent personalities including Barack Obama, Ratan Tata and AnujPuri.

- It has partnered with top brands including Rolls Royce, Jaguar Land Rover, Indiabulls, L&T, Tata Power, Axis Bank and many more.

Students Co-Founders of Enactus Jai Hind College: Prerana Mundhra, Sagar Ahuja and Suyash Gupta.

Case Study Cohort

The Jai Hind College Case Study Cohort

The Jai Hind College Case Study Cohort is an initiative by the Department of Bachelor of Management Studies. The Cohort, unlike any other society, thrives to find real solutions to real modern day problems implementing a practical approach backed by intense analysis and creative solution-seeking methods. Since its establishment, the Case Study Cohort has been successfully taking steps to endorse case-based learning and problem-solving with the support of the faculty and distinguished mentors from the industry.

Milestones Achieved

Jai Hind College represented India at the HSBC/HKU Asia Pacific Business Case Competition 2017 in Hong Kong.The team of four students (Upamanyu Acharya, Diveek Jain, Pratik Malhotra and Ishaan Singh) as well as Faculty Advisor (Dr. Rakhi Sharma) reached the quarter finals to become a Top 16 team in the world amidst competition from the best universities in Asia-Pacific.

Representing India, which had one of the most competitive national competitions of any of the teams in Asia Pacific, Jai Hind College is proud of their achievement and hopes to build on our legacy to help next years’ teams progress even further.

Business Training

The Case Study Cohort sessions focus specifically on training students to adapt a business mindset and focus on solving actual current-affairs business cases analytically.

Mentors, faculty and corporate specialists from the industry are brought in for sessions to impart their knowledge, making it a hands on environment for well-rounded business discussion.

Solving presenting case studies together, coming up with out of the box ideas and Q&A session fluency can propel students towards new experiences and industry exposure.

Objectives of the Cohort

  • The case study cohort is a platform to enable students to develop public speaking and analytical skills to come up with solutions to modern business cases.
  • To help prepare for various national and international case study competitions that happen throughout the year.
  • Avenue for students to interact with industry experts and business case study mentors.


  • Chairperson and Faculty Advisor: Dr.Rakhi Sharma
  • Various industry experts & leaders from different sectors
  • Student Advisor: Diveek Jain
  • Student Advisor: Upamanyu Acharya

The Case Study Cohort Student Team

Misri Kothari, Student President
Ichha Jain, Vice President
Rajvi Bhatt, Vice President
Aditi Chincholi, Head of Content Curation and Finance
Disha Sethia, Head of Communications and Public Relations
Harshita Kumar, Head of Marketing
Ishant Jain, Head of Operations
Nikhil Valecha, Head of Media
Jhanvi Tulsani, Assistant Head of Communications and Public Relations
Rachit Goel, Assistant Head of Communications and Public Relations
Riya Yadav, Assistant Head of Marketing
Purvi Tulsani, Assistant Head of Operations

The Case Study Cohort-Media and Newsletter

The Cohort, constantly takes efforts to create fresh and informative content which is delicately curated by our team. Digital creatives and content writing being one of the key strengths of the team, various types of information in different forms is made available to the viewers across platforms like Instagram, LinkedIn and Facebook.

CSC Weekly, is the weekly newsletter of the Cohort, which focuses on a weekly theme revolving around the business world, corporate news and insights, podcast and reading recommendations. Gradually attracting the attention of students, the newsletter is a carefully curated packed with visuals, perfect for a 10 minute read for all. Few excerpts from the previous issues

To know more visit our website http://jaihindcasestudycohort.com
Or, write to us at jaihindcasestudycohort@gmail.com

The Case Study Cohort Events/Sessions list and brief 2019-2020

Sessions/Competitions Conducted through 2019-2020

1. Identifying Essentials of a Case with Mr. Pragyan Pittie

The Cohort kicked off its first session for the season with a session on identifying the essential areas of a case in hand. This particular session targeted the reading and analytical skills of the students who solved a starter’s case study and gained some valuable insights from Mr. Pragyan Pittie.

2. Approach Selection for Examining Case Studies with Mr. Upamanyu Acharya

With now being familiar to the essentials of a case study, the student members in this session, were guided by Mr. Upamanyu (MBA, IIM-A) on identifying the different manners with which a case can be approached. The students were mentored through real-life experiences and given a gist of “Do’s and Don’ts” to be followed while presenting a case study.

3. Understanding the story of a Case with Mr. Jaimit Doshi

This session was conducted by Mr. Jaimit Doshi, it was an amalgamation of inspiration and thrill. It explained the underlying meaning and importance of case studies. The student members got a first hand look into what lies in between and behind the lines of a case study, basically the students understood the reason and the story behind a case.

4. Intra College Competition 2019

The competition witnessed 9 teams across various courses of Jai Hind College competing against each other. With previous sessions acting as a built up for the main competition, the teams were now equipped to solve business case on their own and present the solutions. The participants were asked to solve a few problems at hand for a food company and then present their solutions to the judge. The competition was judged by Mr. Vijay Chandiramani (COO, Liberata UK) and Mr. Satyajiy Roy (Founder, EGK Foods Pvt. Ltd) Little did they know, one of the judges was the founder of the company in the case, who was actually looking for a viable solution!

5. Inter College Competition 2019

The Intra College Round was followed by a case study competition amongst the best of the teams from colleges across Mumbai and not just Jai Hind. The competition witnessed some exceptional talent in areas required to solve a business problem shrewdly and creatively. Again with the founder present as one of the judges, participants gained valuable insights while presenting the solutions. The judge panel had Ms. Samya Mishra, Associate Vice President - Corporate Finance Strategy at EY and Mr. Yash Chandiramani, Founder of Admatazz (the case study was based on the same company).

6. Relevance of Case Studies and their use in Business Schools with Mr. Upamanyu Acharya

Keeping in mind, the interests of many students who wish pursue their further education in top business schools across the globe, the Cohort called in Mr Upamanyu to lay emphasis on the relevance of case studies and their use in the classroom as well as in the corporate world, drawing conclusions from his time as finalist the HSBC International Case Study Competition 2017 held in Singapore and while pursing his MBA at IIM Ahmedabad.

7. The Way Ahead-An online discussion inspired from the pandemic in hand

Pivoting our methods, just like the pandemic hit activities, the Cohort conducting its first ever online session which was inclusive of student members sharing their opinions on business problems, potential solutions and laid down views to gain clarity on the way ahead for businesses, people and to some extent even education.

8. The Industry of Consumer Retail (Problems and Solutions of the Past, Present and Future)-An online discussion

This session by the Cohort dealt with a narrow yet a lucrative topic where the students participated in a group discussion about challenges faced by the consumer retail industry and its ancillary industries. The discussion touched almost every point on the spectrum relating to the industry bringing out strong opinions and solutions from the students’ end. Thus achieving the aim of stirring the minds to bring out creative panacea to modern issues.

9. Infinite Growth-Setting your trajectory, a talk with Mr. Vivek Sirwani

Bringing a bit of a change in the traditional decorum of the Cohort, this session with Mr. Vivek (Strategic Alliances and Growth at CRED) focused on utilising of personal tools to achieve growth in work and personal life. This, he however did by discussing a real-life case study, himself! Throwing light on his time at small startup which later turned into a $450M valued company, he shared his experience working in a high growth start-up.

Enactus Jai Hind College 2015

Faculty Advisor: Dr. Rakhi Sharma

  Students Co-Founders of Enactus Jai Hind College: Prerana Mundhra, Sagar Ahuja and Suyash Gupta of TYBMS.

Enactus is an international non-profit organization that works towards mobilizing university students to make a difference in their communities while developing the skills to become socially responsible business leaders. Enactus partners with leaders in business and the higher education space and leverages the power networking model to provide a robust platform that encourages social entrepreneurship. Jai Hind College has become a member of Enactus in February 2015.

Team :
Enactus Jai Hind College comprises of 40 members.

Enactus Business advisory board:

Our BAB is dynamic and will depend on the project we are undertaking, as every project calls for a different advisory portfolio to achieve optimum efficiency and focus effort to tasks at hand. The projects on which Enactus Jai Hind College is working on are Project Greensole, Project Vikas &Training students and Community entrepreneurs on HP future classroom.

 Enactus National Competition 2015:
Project Greensole

Project Greensole was founded by Jai Hind College alumnus- Shriyans bhandari (Batch of 2015) and it aims to recycle discarded sports shoes to comfortable footwear and provide them to the neediest through corporate, NGOs and schools. We also market a part of the footwear manufactured towards building a self-sustaining social venture. The vision of this project is o recycle discarded sports shoes with an absolutely minimum carbon footprint, to give livelihood to the underprivileged sections of the society and to ensure that no needy is barefeet in the World by 2023.

The activities undertaken by Enactus Jai Hind college team as a part of Project Greensole are:
-Visit to Kondana Village, Maharashtra to donate shoes: The team successfully donated pairs of Greensoles to the villagers.
-Collection of shoes from households and educational institutions.

The achievements for Greensole through the National Competition:
-Project Greensole successfully managed to get an order of 10,000 shoes from JLL for their Q3 CSR project with DTDC as the logistics partner.

Political Science Forum 2014-2015

Chairperson : DR. Reema Julka
Secretary: Shraddha Desai
Joint Secretary: Mahesh Chandnani
All political science students are members of this association. 

Every year the Political Science Forum organises several thought provoking events and talks in order to apprise the students of important national & international issues. The Academic year 2014-15 began with a guest lecture on ‘Human Rights’ by Dr. Rashmi Oza. Mr. Arun Ferera was invited to deliver a talk on “Socio-Political & Economic dimensions of Globalisation”. Besides it one of the most popular events which was organised was the ‘Youth Parliament’ event. It helped the students to understand the actual proceedings of the Parliament. Ten of our students have been selected by Mumbai University to participate for the State level competition. We intend to organize some more events during the second term of this Academic year.

To know more about Political Science Forum plz contact Reema.julka@gmail.com

Sexual Harassment Prohibition Committee 

Professors in charge: 
Chairman : Ms Dilber Daruwalla 
Ex-officio members :Dr. Sushil Kulkarni, Ms. Safina Rakhangi and Ms. Renu Jaisinghani 

Student Secretary : Ms. Anis Fatima Syed

Motive behind the Sexual Harassment Prohibition Committee: 
The aim of the Sexual Harassment Prohibition Committee is to prevent sexual harassment of women employees at workplace. It is mandatory for all colleges to constitute this committee. 

A short introduction to the events held so far: 
The inaugural function named “Question Everything” of the committee was held in association with “Laadli" and included several short films screening followed by a group discussion under the guidance of a renowned singer, Miss. Suneeta Rao. We also conducted a poster competition named "Splash" with Gender as its primary topic, which had students from varied courses as participants. 

Extension cell

Please visit annual exhibition of articles made by mentally challenged and physically impaired underprivileged held by extension activity cell on 12 th December 2015 in the foyer between 9am to 3 pm of new building.

Special feature is stalls of our students selling articles/food items made by them. Please do not miss the opportunity.

Students please visit library to know about the career options on 11 th December Between 9am to 2 pm. There is career project exhibition by extension activity cell.


Extension activity

The Department of lifelong learning and extension  unit of University of Mumbai conducts the extension activity. Jai Hind college  joined Lifelong   learning and extension unit of university of Mumbai in the academic year 2009-10.The goal of extension cell is to sensitize the students to social issues .Students through social activities reach the unreached and  through student networking  college can  lend a helping hand to the society .
Students are awarded 10 marks at the end of the year and  get a certificate from University of Mumbai for their extension activities. Students enrolled in this activity have to work for 120 hours in which they have to do community based projects like status of woman in society  ,population education, Annapurna project, career project
Students have to participate by undertaking any one project from the following.
Career project : Students undertaking this project exhibit the career options to other  students .
Anna poorna yojana :Student opting this has to sale food items in college .In the process

the student learns to be entrepreneur.

Survey of women in society: This project reveals the educational status of woman in our society. students do survey and from the results students interpret the status of woman in society.
Online projects: The relevant course content is available to the student when he logs in
and online students complete the course.
Prizes won by the students:

  1. In 2009-10 students  won third prize in a street play competition held at Udan intercollegiate activity organized by DLL&E of University of Mumbai.The play emphasized the need of girl child.
  2. In 2010 -11 the students  won 3 rd prize for street play ” Natha Pratha” showcasing Bad practices followed by the society at Udaan festival .The college also received consolation prize for the poster competition at Udaan festival
  3. In 2011-12  the students won 3 rd  prize for Street play at Udaan festival
  4. In 2012-13  students   presented the skit’ AMHI DEBI TMHI DEBI’ which won third prize and 3 rd prize for poster competition at UDAAN festival
  5. A special prize in poster competition  was awarded to Ms.Bindi Shah in January 2014, in Amlani College for the  poster on Women Empowerment and our students bagged consolation prize for skit and consolation prize was awareded to Eram Sharif for poster competition in Udaan.

Major activities conducted by the cell:  Extension activity committee invited Mouth and foot painting organization, Asmita and Kalbagh rehabilitation centers for sale of articles in 2011-12 and 2013-14.In the year 2012-13  students participated in the PEACE MARCH RALLY – which began from the Indian Merchants chamber and ended at Taj Intercontinental Hotel. The rally was held as a protest towards Terrorist attack on Mumbai. A film on organ donation was shown to students in 2013-14 Committee had organized a demonstration on self defense with USP Foundation Rakshnay Ancient Indian Martial Art Training School and Shaolin Association of Black Panther Commandos.
15th December 2014 with student entrepreneurship talk by eminent speakers from Maharastra Chamber of Commerce ,Industry and Agriculture. Mrs. Geeta Currmsey Member, MACCIA & Entrepreneur spoke on  “How to be Entrepreneur” and Mr. Samir Dudhgaonkar Vice President &Chairman of Training & Education Committee, MACCIA  Spoke on Last Mile Employability.
Our college hosted Udaan festival in association with DLLE University of Mumbai in the year 1011-2012.Udaan festival is intercollegiate skit and poster competition organized by DLLE of University of Mumbai.
Our college also hosted intercollegiate research meet in the year 2014-15.
This year during  first term training program students were made aware of importance of
organ donation along with their training about the projects they will be undertaking.


The Entrepreneurship Cell

Teacher incharge - Mrs Haseena Sayyed
Mrs Rakhi Sharma
Mrs Reshma Jaisighani
Student incharge/President - Ms Urvisha Jagasheth (TYBCom)
Vice President - Ms Chelna Shah (TYBA)

Jai Hind College Entrepreneurship Cell Does a Hat Trick - 2016

Jai Hind college ENTREPRENEURSHIP CELL does a HAT TRICK. "Awarded the PREMIER IMPACT AWARD on 5th March, 2016 at the annual NEN award event. This award is given to institutes which have demonstrated exemplary determination and dedication in running high impact programs to create more start ups." Was awarded the honour of being selected the "WADHWANI CENTRE OF EXCELLENCE" in February 2015. Was awarded the "ROLL OF HONOUR" for entrepreneurial impact in March 2014.

The Entrepreneurship Cell of Jai Hind College aims and encourages Entrepreneurial growth and development in campus. We impart knowledge and skills to help out our students to expand their horizons and get more familiar with the “Entrepreneur Style of Working”.

The year started off with our inauguration and instillation ceremony held in Jai Hind College auditorium on 19th July 2014. Our chief guest of honor was Mr. Dheeraj Gupta, founder and owner of “Jumbo King” and Mr. Rakesh Kumar from India Angel Network. Their experience and pearls of wisdom inspired our students immensely and lot of questions was asked by the students which were answered by our guests.

The Entrepreneurship Cell organizes a two day festival “PHOENIX” for its members comprising of four events spread over two days.

Day 1 Event 1: Esensex
Esensex is an IPO simulated game where five student entrepreneurs pitched their business venture to the audience who acted like investors and to our four judges. The audience was divided into 21 teams and the team with the highest market capital value wins. The teams were also asked to abide by a set of rules pertaining to each round of buying and selling of shares. Mr. Raj Bhat, Mr. Indranil Deb, Mr. Abhijeet Kumar and Mr. Satish Kataria were our are judges for Esensex. Mr. Shriyans Bhandari’s business venture “KADAM” was the winning venture followed by Mr. Yash Chandiramani’s “GO PANDA”.

Day 1 Event 2: Making Your Own Business Plan.
The students were given three products and with these products they had to create an innovative product. A proper Business Plan with the specified parameters (key recourses, revenue and distribution channels, costing, etc) had to be made on the winning product which was decided by the teachers. The best Business Plan pertaining to all the relevant parameters wins the competition.

Day 2 Event 3: SP Jain Family Managed Business Seminar
Conducted by the Director of SP Jain Mr. Parimal Merchant. This was a two hour interactive session which was organized to help students who have established family managed business so that they can expand it and take it to a whole new level. Mr. Parimal is a very influential speaker and his session was very successful as the AV Room was fully packed with students. Questions from the students were also entertained personally by Mr. Parimal.

Day 2 Event 4: Idea Generation
Ten items divided into two lots and each team had to select one item from each lot, combine it and make a business venture out of it. The most off beat idea and unconventional business venture would win the prize. The winning team who won the idea generation workshop was the Brick and Beads idea where the concept was to use beads with bricks to decorate the house (DECO-BEADS). Idea generation proved to be an excellent brainstorming session with unique business ideas from our students.

The Psychology Association

Teachers Incharge:
Dr. Monica Kumar (H.O.D)
Dr. Ruchi Chaturvedi 
Ms. Jyothi NK
Students Incharge:
Karan Chugh & Yashika Shah (chughkaran@gmail.comyashika7979@gmail.com)

Psychology is one of the most popular courses of Jai Hind College. The Psychology Association of Jai Hind College provides a platform for all young budding psychologists to mould themselves as well as get a fresh perspective of the subject. The Psychology Association, through its activities aims to foster a spirit of togetherness and unity within the department. With the help of it's interesting activities and passionate leadership, the psychology association has been successful in engaging not just the psychology students, but also many other students from the college.

  We have a number of activities that are conducted annually- 

Chitrakatha - The year kick starts with the annual poster making competition where the FY psychology students make posters on different topics related to Psychology. Chitrakatha provides students an opportunity to display psychological concepts and theories in an artistic form. These posters are displayed in our psychology laboratory and in and around the college.

Manthan - Manthan is the annual psychology quiz competition that is conducted by the Psych Association. Different teams from FY and SY compete with each other in different innovative rounds that test their knowledge of Psychology. It is usually followed up with an interactive session by a guest lecturer on psychology related topic. 

Mindscape - Mindscape is the annual Theme based Psychology Fair, where a number of different stalls are put up by the psychology students. The stalls include- Graphology, Metaphor Therapy, Tarot Card Reading, Memory Tests, EQ-IQ Tests, NGO Stalls, Photo Booths and many other interesting personality tests. The theme, along with these fascinating stalls, makes it one of the most sought after events of the Association. 

Rangmanch -  Rangmanch is the annual creative role playing competition. Students of FY form groups and perform skits every year on different topics. The students, through Rangmanch, get a much deeper understanding of the subject by enacting roles that are related to their topic. It is followed by a few cultural performances by the students of the department, giving them a platform to showcase their talents.

  2014 is a landmark year for the psychology association as it is starting its first Inter - Collegiate Psychology fest which will be held in the month of December. 

Publications of the Department:
The Association publishes a newsletter, "Espectro Psychologico" as well as a Journal of Psychology every year which consists of various research papers by professors and the students. 

The Association organises Industrial Visits every year to enrich our practical knowledge of the subject.  The students also get an opportunity to attend National and International Psychology Conferences throughout the year. The Psychology Association stands on the shoulders of three strong pillars, Dr Monica Kumar, Dr. Ruchi Chaturvedi and Ms. Jyothi NK. Their extreme approachability, brilliant guidance and passion towards psychology has inspired each one of us to engage in various activities related to the subject. 

Nature club

Chairperson: Ms Safina S Rakhangi

Dep Chairperson: Mr Udhav Zarekar

Ex-officio member: Ms Leena Upadhya

Dr Devangi Chachad

Ms Roonal Jain

Students Secretary: Ms Prerna

Deputy Secretary: Ms Jennifer Bose(Mob:8976623340)

On 10th December 2013, a Nature Trail was undertaken to Uttan. Mr Udhav, Ms Leena and Dr Devangi accompanied the students. The trail saw an overwhelming response from the commerce students who brought back sweet memories and learning experiences of observing nature from a lens mans view.

Awareness about conservation of tigers was done by screening a BBC documentary in February 2014, titled “Broken Tail’. The important role tigers play in an ecosystem and the problems associated with the extinct numbers of tigers in India was highlighted through the film. Ms Roonal Jain planned a visit to Taraporewala Aquariaum to enable the students to understand the marine ecosystem and as young minds participate in citizen based activities which can enhance the functioning of the aquarium.

Nature Club and Extension Works Programme organised a talk on 'Enviornmental Pollution - Relevance of Plastics" on 31st August 2014 between 11.00 AM to 1.00 PM. Dr. Tushar Bandhopadhyae, ICPE Secretariate interacted with students and teachers in the AV Centre. The programme sequence was:

  1. Screening of two short films of 7 - 10 mins duration each.
  2. Discussion with the help of PPT on the subject matter.
  3. Interaction on Plastics - Its benefits, issues and solutions.
Students put some pictures and information regarding the theme of the talk on its notice board, 4th floor Old Building.

Nature Club along with CSR and NSS undertook tree plantation on ‘A’ Road and ‘B’ of Churgate (W) on 26th August. Assistant Municipal Commissioner Mr Devidas Shirsagar inaugurated the event and the BMC wholeheartedly assisted the tree plantation drive.

On 5th September Nature Club organized sale of medicinal plants in order to encourage growth and care of these plants in the college. Principal Dr Wadia, Sr VP Ms Mistry, Ms Dias (VP-Arts) and various other teachers and associations undertook the task of financially supporting the good cause.

To study the flora and fauna of Maharashtra a visit to Vishnubaug (Nature based park) of MTDC at Badlapur is planned for 16th December.

History Department

Ms.Mohini C. Dias
Ms.Safina Rakhangi
Dr.Archana R. Mishra
Dr.Vrushal T. Ghoble
Ms Yasmin Hashmatullah

Student Secretary - Fatema Contractor : 9819982712 Deputy student Secretary - Sanskruti Patil - 983370636 Tresurer - Madhuwanti Srinivasan Deputy Tresurer - Shrrea Khatri Editor in chief - Damini Kane

Marketing and PR - Kapil and team Creatives - Zohra and team.

Events and Activities from June 2014 to November 2014

1 Blue Bridge programme :
The History department organised an inter-disciplinary  Study India course under the Blue Bridge programme for the students of United States universities. Eight students got the chance to learn several aspects of the Indian society like polity, History, traditions, culture, economy and philosophy by the faculty and also to interact with the students of our college.This 20-day programme ended with a vibrant cultural programme put up by our students. This educational programme, led to an exchange of ideas and greater understanding of each others culture.

2. Certificate Course in International Relations:
International Relations as a subject is of great importance in the contemporary world and is gaining a lot of popularity and so the department felt to conduct one such course. The course was designed keeping in mind the needs of under graduate students. Faculties both in house and guest speakers contributed to the success of the programme

The programme methodology was innovative as besides lecture method it included combination of power point presentations, interactive sessions , debates , lectures , documentaries etc.

The department collaborated with  O.R.F. as our knowledge partners which was a cherry to the pie. The basic course successfully was completed in 1 month. Mr Sanjay Verma , an alumnus of our college is presently the ambassador to Ethiopia addressed students on his personal experiences and journey as a diplomat. He encouraged students to prepare themselves in pursuing a career in International Relations.

The students of museology from TYBA had a trip to Pune to understand the different types of museums and their functioning. The visit to the GO CHEESE factory was educational as well as fun and rewarding as they were gifted with complimentary bags containing assortments of cheese.

The Shanivar Wada Fort enabled the students to understand the architectural style and history of Peshwa family. The light and sound show took the students back to the grandeur of the medieval period.

The Indian artefacts, belonging to 16th-18th century were seen in Raja Kelkar museum. The Gandhi Samadhi or memorial at Aga Khan palace was an all together different experience of its own as the students paid their tribute to ‘BAPU’. The place had the essence and the feel of what the Great Mahatma was made of.

4. Screening of movies
TYBA students were shown movies based on their syllabus as follows:
A- Junoon : Based on revolt of 1857.
B- Raziya Sultan : The 1St and Last Muslim women to sit on the throne of Delhi
C-Chhatrapati Shivaji - The great Maratha Warrior.

5.Museum visit
The perfect way to understand the Indus Valley Civilisation is to actually see the artefacts of that time. Therefore the SYBA student visited the Chatrapati Shivaji maharaj Vastu Sanghralay. It was a very informative and interesting visit where they interacted with the Education Officer Ms.Bilva and had vivid discussions on the technology of that time.

6- TYBA students were lectured on the ‘Sultanate Style Of Architecture’ by former TYBA student Ms.Binaisha Billimoria.

7- Rajasthan tour
The students were taken to ‘Rangeelo Rajasthan’ for a historical tour during the Diwali vacations. The students were indulged in the beauty of mesmerising forts, palaces, gardens, deserts and sunsets. They were taken back to the beautiful moments of history which made their experience fruitful and cherishing.

8. Methodology workshop was undertaken by Dr. Vrushal T. Ghoble to guide students in their preparation of seminar paper.

8- Fortcoming Events
A-Certificate course in Indian Cultural Heritage from 27Th November

B - Intra-Collegiate Fest commemorating World War I Shades screening of movies and documentaries related to World War I : 1st, 2nd and 3rd December.
Quiz - 3rd December (round one)
Collage competition -9th December
Seminar - 12th and 13th December.
Registrations open for all.

Accountancy Association

A Committee of Jai Hind College students working towards the importance of accounts in commerce, also provides career counselling and coaching to the needful commerce students. It also aims at updating, enhancing and enriching the knowledge and capabilities of the students.
Secretary & Treasurer: Miss. Reshma KR
Email id: reshmakr1508@gmail.com

Assistant Secretary: Miss. Luisa Barros Core committee: Alisha Fernandes, Devdutt Pardasani, Jinesh Dumlawkar, Keyur Shah, Krysha Fernandes, Sabir Bakali, Subham Golcha. Teacher in-charge: Prof. Reshma Jaisinghani Email id: jaisinghanireshma@yahoo.in

Events done: 
Session on stock market and visit to stock exchange: The JHC Accountancy Association kick started its year with stock market session. It was a seminar conducted by Mr. Roy and his colleagues. It provided students with deep insights regarding the working of stock market. The session went on to be quite a success with the students demanding a visit to stock exchange. The demand was accepted by the visitors and a visit was conducted on 26th of august. The visit to stock exchange was the third event of JHC's accountancy association. The event provided considerable knowledge about the stock market to the commerce students.

Session on research methodology:
The second event conducted by JHC Accountancy Association was a seminar on research methodology. This event was organised specially for the participants of Avishkar research competition conducted by Mumbai university. The main spokesperson for the event was Dr. Haseena Sayeed. She enlighted the students with her personal experiences while doing her Ph.D and gave many tips to students.

Future events:
Alumni Meet: The JHC Accountancy Association plans to conduct a Alumni meet of it's members.

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is an initiative by the college to foster a spirit of togetherness and unity within the college. It is a way of giving something back to the society which has given us so much. We aim at spreading awareness about social issues, to personally make efforts to help the less fortunate and help the society in whichever way possible. It is our moral duty to give back to our society, and there are many students in our college who would like to work for a social cause. CSR brings them together, channelizing their energies towards a social cause. Do join us in this initiative, and help us make all Jaihindites, socially active and responsible citizens.

Secretary: Mr. Jinesh Dumlawkar
Email id: jdumlawkar@gmail.com
Assistant Secretary: Mr. Subham Golcha
Email id: subham.golchha1@gmail.com
Treasurer: Miss. Reshma KR
Email id: reshmakr1508@gmail.com
Teacher in-charge: Prof. Santosh Ghag
Email id: ca_santoshgghag@yahoo.com

Events done:
Voters Registration: The Jai Hind College's Corporate Social Responsibility department started its year with voter's card registration campaign. The campaign lasted for a week during which awareness was spread regarding importance of voting and forms were distributed for registering themselves. Even though it was exam time during the drive, the students responded considerably and the campaign was successfully conducted. The Secretary and assistant secretary of CSR were appointed as the campus ambassadors by the Election commission of India.

Tree Plantation: 
The second event of JHC's Corporate Social Responsibility department was the tree plantation drive. The drive was conducted in collaboration with gymkhana and few other committees. Students actively participated in this drive. The initiative of JHC students impressed the BMC officials and workers alike who turned up for inauguration and stayed back till the conclusion of the event.  Trees were planted in the places of uprooted trees on 'A road' and 'B road'. The event was a huge success.

Future events:
The JHC CSR department concluded the last academic year with 'Spandan'. The event was conducted in collaboration with the N.S.S. unit of the college and other committees. The event stressed on women empowerment and was supported by several NGOs. We even took on the sponsorship of a girl child last year. We intend to carry out this event at a completely new level during this academic year! Bacchat Gatt: The CSR plans to conduct 'Bacchat Gatt' fair in the next few months. During the fair the village craftsmen are provided a market to sell their wares in the college campus. It aims at protecting and preserving their traditional crafts and encouraging them to bring it forth to the city folks.

Economics Association, Jai Hind College

Introduction: The Economics Association is one of Jai Hind College's most prominent bodies, with member strength of 130. An organization that aims for the professional and well rounded development of students, it opened up to streams outside of B.A. Economics in 2013 and and consists of diverse student members.
Office Bearers:
General Secretary:  Aayush Asthana
Joint Secretary:  Shubhangi Nagaria
Treasurer:  Pranjal Kriplani
Second Year Coordinators:  Vrudhi Doshi, Maithili Modi
First Year Coordinators:  Ridhima Rajpal, Yash Rathi
Fest Head: Sakshi Shahri
Deputy Fest Head: Rachel Chadha

Ex- Office members
Mrs. Sarita Jaishankar
Mrs. Vaidehi Dhamankar
Mrs. Mousumi Mazumdar
Mrs. Oindrila Dey

Conducted Events:  The Association has conducted the following activities so far in the year 2015-16: 
1. Arthanomics 2015 :  Arthanomics, the annual national level festival of the Economics Association, took place on the 30th and 31st of July. Hugely successful, it included ten events over two days with 20 premier institutions from across the country participating.

2. Social Initiative: The Association tied up with Teach For India, to promote its mission of educational equity across Jai Hind College. In the past, it has partnered with NGOs like Goonj, Cry and Samaritans in order to instill social responsibility in its members. Children from the classrooms of Teach For India also performed at Jai Hind College. The purpose of this partnership was to broaden the student conscience regarding the reality of the educational landscape in our country. The children, showcasing their talent through performance, demonstrated the power of quality education and thought. They were also taken around the campus to inculcate the importance and need of higher education in them.

3. Public Policy Workshop: The Centre for Civil Society is the leading think tank in India. CCS organized Freedom Caravan in Jai Hind College. This was a workshop attended by close to a hundred students including talks on topics such as 'Why is India Poor?' delivered by Mr. Luis Miranda. Students discussed livelihood and trade issues, adding to their understanding of economics.

4. The Association has also participated in inter college festivals such as - 
a. Mithibai’s Annual Economics Fest, Gnaritas had a wide array of events from a Mock Stock Exchange to an extremely well conducted Mock United Nations. The Jai Hind contingent secured the third position.
b. Synergy, St. Xaviers Jaipur’s National inter-collegiate academic fest took place in September. The Jai Hind contingent won three events, namely, State of the Nation, Treasure hunt and Pitfall.

Upcoming Events:
1. Research Symposium: The Association is organizing a research symposium on 28 November, 2015. The participants will be following a centralized paper presentation format and will be presenting it in the competition, competing for prizes.

2. Book Review Seminar:  All the avid readers get to portray their analytical and critical abilities at this Book Review seminar. The viewers get to listen to stories across the globe. 

3. Industrial Visit:  The Economics Department is organizing an Industrial Visit for the Economics students this year. Students and faculty collectively consider it to be an important educational component as it helps to directly translate theoretical knowledge in a real world, grass-root setting.

4. RBI Visit:  The application of all that is studied regarding the ‘apex bank ‘of the country will be contextualized in a true sense through the Reserve Bank of India museum visit.

Gymkhana Annual Report 2014-15

Gymkhana’s season started with the Treasure hunt which also marks the start of jai hind college events.

Treasure hunt was scheduled on 9th August and in spite of heavy rains there was shocking turnout of participants and treasure hunt proved to be great success this year.

Next was the much awaited inter-college Monsoon Marathon on 26th August at marine drive. Monsoon marathon is organized with a social cause every year, and this year our focus was on NO VILOENCE AGAINST WOMEN. The basic aim this year was to promote the cause and there were pre events held for the same where we got over whelming response and everything was covered socially and was promoted through every possible way. Gymkhana also tied up with an NGO and very well-known Suchit Singh graced us as the chief guest for the prize distribution ceremony and helped to promote the cause.

There were around 25 colleges with more than 1000 participants taking active part for the noble cause and made it an event of jai hind college and gymkhana.

Sport-o-mania, the event which brings each and every class of the college on the field and have great fun and at the same time the fighting spirit to excel their class in sports as well was carried out in the first week of December.

Sport-o-maina included football, cricket, chess, carom, table tennis and badminton which proved to be a great fun for every individual. The cause of the season was carried in the event with girls participation compulsory in each sport.

This year we also had Annual Athletic meet of Jai Hind college at university athletic ground on 11th December. It included all the track and field events where we explored lot of talent in athletics which will help jai hind excel in the field of athletics in the coming year.

Dr. B.K.N.Singh
Sanyam Bafna      Dishant Punjabi      Shiva Singh
(Secretary)      (Jt. Secretary)      Treasurer)
Mrs. Vandana Sawant    Mr. Sandesh Sthavarmath
(Sports Teacher)

National Service Scheme-2014-15

Programme Officer: Dr. Sajith Chandran
Assistant Programme Officer: Mr.Udhav Zarekar, Mr. Ashutosh Saxena and Ms. N.K.Jyothi
Secretary: Ms. Prachi Mehta
Assistant Secretary: Anis Syed
Cultural Secretary: Sonam Chandnani

The N.S.S Unit strongly believes in the statement "A nation as a society forms a moral person and every member of it is personally responsible for his society."Our objective is overall development of student’s personality through community service. N.S.S. Unit conducts many social events and projects with various organizations and NGO's such as solving civic issues with BMC, helping civilians filling complaints in police station, Women empowerment and Gender equality, Cleanliness drive, blood donation drive. We also have cancer, Aids, hepatitis, road safety and anti tobacco awareness campaigns,etc

We have our socio-cultural programme “UMEED” in association with NGO to spread awareness and joy. We actively participate in various rallies, seminars, workshops and inter collegiate competitions.

With great pride and pleasure we also celebrate Independence Day and Republic Day and organize a 7day residential camp too.

Contact Details:  Prachi Mehta: mehtaprachi26@gmail.com

Philosophy Association

The Philosophy Association started in the academic year 2014-15. The aims and objectives of the association are as follows:

  • To spread awareness about contemporary ethical issues
  • To promote individual spiritual growth of every student
  • To develop a critical & logical outlook towards life
  • To promote knowledge & dispel ignorance
  • To help every student realize their true potential
  • To encourage a healthy & holistic lifestyle
The events for the year 2014-15 are as follows:
  • Yoga camp at The Yoga Institute Institute, Santacruz
  • Talk by Dr. Rashmi Oza on ‘Human Rights’
  • Talk by Ms. Neha Shah on ‘Bridging the Generation Gap Between Youngsters and Senior Citizens’
  • A contingent of six philosophy students from SYBA and TYBA participated in a student philosophy seminar held by the Bombay Philosophical Society and Department of Philosophy, Mumbai University
  • Talk on ‘Science and Spirituality’ by Parth Raj Singh
  • Screening of movies related to the curriculum and sensitive and burning topic which are need of the hour
Teacher incharge: Ms. Simmin Bawa- Head of Department (Philosophy)

Student incharge: Ms. Zainab Kanorwala

Contact details: simminbawa@yahoo.com

Women's Development Cell Report for Students Council

Chairperson: Dr. Yasmina Dordi Avari
Deputy Chairperson: Ms. Safina Rakhangi
Ex- officio Members: Ms. Monica Kumar, Ms. K,.Srilatha, Dr. Archana Mishra
LMC Representative: Dr. B.K.N.Singh
NNS Coordinator: Dr. Sajith Chandran
CSR Coordinator: C.A. Santosh Ghag
Students female Representatives: Ms. Zeenia K. Avari (Lady Representative), Ms. Bhakti Bandekar,
Students male Representatives: Keegan Rose
The members of the Womens’ Development Cell annually organize activities aimed at safe-guarding the interests of the girl child and particularly our young girl students
This year the cell has will hold its annual talk along FOGSI President Dr. Suchitra Pandit’s Flagship project for the youth namely ‘Youth Mela’ for empowering the future generation!!!” during the 1st week of December
This program will include the following topics:

  • Self-Presentation Skills
  • Nutrition & Prevention of Anemia
  • Staying Fit
  • Know Your Body
  • Protecting Yourself from
    • Unwanted Pregnancy
    • Sexually Transmitted Infections
    • Cervical Cancer
    • Physical & Sexual Abuse
    • First Aid
Students will be addressed by a team of Senior practicing Doctors. The interactive program will end with Q-A session.

  During the month of January we organize a function on Nari Mukti Divas where the student members also stage plays, so as to showcase a cause related to “Women’s’ Empowerment”. Essay writing, photography and singing competitions will also be organised on this occasion Additionally under the aegis of Jagar Jani Vancha our members will also showcase their talent on a topic which emphasizes Gender equality and sensitization.