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Talaash 2022-23

Talaash is the prodigy of the Management Department at Jai Hind College (Autonomous), Mumbai. The seed of treasure hunt sown exactly 23 years ago has germinated into a full-fledged festival which has grown bigger and better every year. This jamboree is a conceptualisation of Management students- it's a festival for, of, and by the management department.

The excitement for Talaash is not just limited to the intra-levels, but has also digitally reached out to the farthest latitudes and longitudes of India and henceforth, is seen as a brand. The 23rd edition of this legacy is finally back offline again, after 2 years of being online. Having established itself in such a manner, it provides impetus to the students to learn, grow, and showcase their managerial skills in the most practical and constructive manner possible.

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Talaash 2021-22

“Talaash”, known to be the benchmark amongst all management and cultural festivals in the country is organised by BMS & BBA program ,Jai Hind College, Mumbai. Talaash is conducted in the month of December each year. It provides an impetus for the students to learn, grow and showcase their skills in the most practical manner possible.

Spotify presents Talaash 2021-22 themed “Hiraeth” held on the 19th, 20th of February, 2022 was a massive success touching greater heights and continuing to live up to its rich legacy of 22 years.

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Arthanomics: An Economics Festival

Arthanomics, the annual Economics festival of Jai Hind College was initiated in 2014 by The Economics Association. It's a festival that gives young, budding economists a chance to experience the multifarious simulations and events relating to economics in the real world. Since its inception, it has always been a platform for college students to display their passion for economics.

Arthanomics 2016:

Last year, the two-day festival witnessed 300 participants from over 20 colleges and above all, the opening ceremony with Mr. Ram Jethmalani- a catalyst for his contribution to Indian law- as chief guest and speaker. His talk covered economics, corruption, black money, and politics which set about the perfect commencement for the festival.

We hosted 30 colleges out of which 12 colleges were from cities across the country and had participation from Kolkata, New Delhi, Chennai, Bangalore, Jaipur, Ahmedabad as well as various prestigious colleges of Mumbai which allowed students to learn beyond the realm of textbooks as they participated in the wide variety of events specially created by Team Arthanomics.

Conventional events:

  • Paper Presentation
  • House on Fire (Debate)
  • Mock Stock Exchange
  • Quiz
  • Under the Table (Conference)

Special Events added in 2016:

  • Crime in Catastrophe (a strategic event including smart dealing, buying, and selling of commodities)
  • Flux (a trading event with a twist in time).
  • End Game (a managerial event based in a warped timeline).
  • The Ring of Power- An event covering the aspect of policy.

Arthanomics 2017:

This year, the flagship festival of The Economics Association is scheduled on 8th-9th September with a dedicated core team consisting of the following people:
  1. Chairperson – Vivek Parashar
  2. Chairperson – Yash Upadhyay
  3. Head of Events – Raashika Moudgill and Jai Goradia
  4. Deputy Head of Events – Sana Mazumdar and Priyanka Oza
  5. Head of Sponsorship – Yash Karnani
  6. Deputy Head of Sponsorship – Anushka Bhansali
  7. Head of PR and Outreach – Aashi Chandalia
  8. Deputy Head of PR and Outreach – Ayan Banerjee
  9. Head of Hospitality –Priyantha Khound
  10. Deputy Head of Hospitality – Mallika Madhok
  11. Head of Administration – Mohammad Lokhandwala and Tanvi Gangwani
  12. Head of Content – Sahej Marwah and Shashwat Karkare
  13. Head of Finance–Varun Paralkar

The team works relentlessly under the guidance of the teachers in-charge Mrs. Sarita Jaishankar, Mrs.Vaidehi Dhamankar and Mrs. Moushmi Mazumdar.

Owing to the fact that it has its feet immersed both in Economics and Politics this year, it will soon become the hub of smartest young minds and future leaders in India.


Arthanomics 2018:

Arthanomics is India's biggest college based economics and business fest. Organised annually by the Economics Department of Jai Hind College, Mumbai, Arthanomics 2018 took place from 30th August to 1st September, with a dedicated core team:
  1. Chairpersons: Anushka Bhansali and Ayan Banerjee
  2. Head of Events: Priyanka Oza and Sana Mazumdar
  3. Deputy Head of Events: Siddhant Chatterjee and Raghu Raj
  4. Head of Marketing and Content: Anchal Khandellwal
  5. Deputy Head of Marketing and Content: Harshita Jha and Aakriti Jadhwani
  6. Head of Sponsorship and Finance: Prachi Sharma
  7. Deputy Head Sponsorship and Finance: Snehi Shah and Natasha Daruwalla
  8. Head of Hospitality: Ronika Debnath
  9. Deputy Head of Hospitality: Sanjana Chavali
  10. Head of Administration and Outreach: Vinishaa Madnani and Palak Surana
  11. Deputy Head of Administration and Outreach: Harshvi Trivedi.

From treasure hunts, board games, illegal and underground trade to marketing, auctions, mock stocks and debates, Arthanomics 2018 took all its participants and judges through the fest of a lifetime. With not just memes and pop culture but also, start-ups, apps, social media, they brought forth events forgotten and milestones ignored in their 2018 theme: The Millennials. Set against the backdrop of an economics and business festival, Arthanomics got together every single student out there: from economists and entrepreneurs to activists and debate connoisseurs, those that define this generation, those that believe that no age is too young to have an expertise and that nobody is too small to create an impact.


Arthanomics 2019:

Arthanomics, India's largest buisness and economics intercollegiate fest is annually organised by the Department of Economics, Jai Hind College. The 7th edition was a 3 day long affair and took place from 8th-10th of August, 2019. This was made possible with a dedicated and disciplined core team consisting of :
  1. Chairpersons: Devyani Bhardwaj and Harshita Jha
  2. Head of Events: Siddhant Chatterjee
  3. Deputy Head of Events: Himani Bakhda and Sarah Doctor
  4. Head of Marketing and Content: Gargi Mishra
  5. Deputy Head of Marketing and Content: Vaishnavi Nayagam
  6. Head of Sponsorship and Finance: Ritika Divekar and Snehi Shah
  7. Deputy Head of Sponsorship and Finance: Krithika Ramnath and Namasvi Vipin Parikh
  8. Head of Hospitality: Ishita Khandelwal and Sana Parikh
  9. Deputy Head of Hospitality: Lavisha Dasani
  10. Head of Administration and Outreach: Harshvi Trivedi
  11. Deputy Head of Administration and Outreach: Swasti Bharill

This year the fest recorded a footfall of over 9000 with participation of colleges from all over India. The theme for this year was 'On the GRID’ which threw light on the rising dependency of Economies and Societies on technology and how businesses grow and are bred online. Our events inculcated the theme and we thus developed India's first technology policy making event; Tech In Trouble along with Arthanomics Assembly, MockStock, Doom and Destiny (underground trading game), Entrepreneurial Escapade, Powerplay and All's well that sells well. Arthanomics 2019 went international with the online event Journalism in Jeopardy which saw participation from colleges of Hong Kong, Singapore and Canada.

The effort put in by the Core and the Organising committee was rewarded by the wonderful feedback received from the participants who applauded the fest not only for the quality and content of events but also for the organization, creativity and efficiency of the team. The fest was adorned with an esteemed set of judges who talked highly about our events, team and participation. Here are the reviews from the judges:

Vikram V. Koppikar - Media and technology lawyer: “An absolute delight to have participated in Arthanomics 2019. Judging Collegiate team on technology and law allowed me to interact with some very enterprising and innovative youngsters.”

Rohit Ahuja - Marketing and Brand Management at Bharti AXA: “ It was a pleasure and honour to serve on the hurry panel of All’s well that sells well, marketing competition at Arthanomics 2019. To adjudge entries stemming from our fresh, young minds was nothing short of enlightening on the lens with which the youth perceives digital platform and its leverage as media vehicles. It was fulfillinf to interact with the students and demystify their queries on all things marketing.”

Hufeza Motiwala - Marketing Maven, Digital and Social media marketing: "Honoured to have an opportunity to judge the participants for a social media marketing campaign at Arthanomics, Jai Hind College. Arthanomics is one of India’s leading academic festival."

Nirav Bakshi - Technology policy and evolution: "It was a pleasure and honour to be part of Arthanomics 2019. It was great to see students engaging with technology policy and law with enthusiasm and gusto."

Arthanomics is a platform determined to bring forth the excellence and ideas of the youth to the table through discussions, debates and an array of events aimed at the practical world. We believe that every individual makes a difference: No idea too insignificant, No person too inconsequential.


Arthanomics 2020:

The eighth edition of Arthanomics marked an important moment in the fest’s history, as it successfully transformed into India’s First Online Business and Economics Festival. For the first time, the team conceptualised, collaborated, executed, and streamed all events and activities completely online, from 14th - 16th August, 2020. This was made possible by the dedicated efforts of the core team, comprising of:

  1. Chairpersons: Riddhi Samarth and Mohit Dewan
  2. Head of Administration & Outreach: Swasti Bharill and Poorva Badaya
  3. Deputy Head of Administration and Outreach: Simran Sangal
  4. Head of Collaborations & Tech: Lavisha Dasani and Srushti Malde
  5. Deputy Head of Collaborations & Tech: Prajakta Patankar
  6. Head of Events: Himani Bakhda and Deepika Talwar
  7. Deputy Head of Events: Yash Mamtani and Hriday Mehta
  8. Head of Marketing, Aesthetics & Content: Samridhi Kumar and Anushka Vora
  9. Deputy Head of Marketing, Aesthetics & Content: Nandini Gupta, Surabhi Arora, and Sanchia Mehra
  10. Head of Sponsorship & Finance: Yashvi Jain and Namasvi Parikh
  11. Deputy Head of Sponsorship & Finance: Maanavi Singh and Sameer Verma

With a youth-driven ethos that fosters dynamic perspectives, Arthanomics has always been a platform for innovation, but with a global health crisis looming large, the team of 2020 had a unique challenge to face. However, under the guidance of Ms. Sarita Jaishankar, the student committee decided to redefine what it means to host a college festival in “the new normal”.

While a team of nearly 100 students worked towards creating an immersive online experience, Arthanomics harnessed the power of the youth by collaborating with Indus Action, a policy implementation organisation working on a pan-India COVID-19 Rapid Response Campaign. Helping over 3400 families secure basic necessities like food and medicines, the students worked to ensure the wellbeing of communities which were most severely affected by the lockdown. Furthermore, the team organised “The Artha Series”, a range of over 15 carefully curated webinars and panel discussions, where industry leaders tackled pertinent topics like climate change, gender justice, mental health, and much more. Utilizing the full potential of its social media presence, Arthanomics also became a voice of optimism during the lockdown by launching their “See The Good” campaign on Instagram - aimed at bringing real stories of success and creativity to the forefront, in an otherwise bleak time.

Arthanomics 2020 drew inspiration from the surrounding disruption to find the central theme that it would incorporate into every event - “Creation in Chaos”. Whether it was entrepreneurship, art, policymaking, debate, philosophy, journalism, or marketing; each of the 11 events highlighted how we are facing disruption at an all time high, but within this disruption lies an opportunity for change. From departmental meetings, to detailed trial runs, to even the closing ceremony - every aspect of the fest took to the online format with great ease, a fact which led the team to livestream every single event on YouTube and Facebook. The success of this transition was most evident in Artha Connect - a two-day long networking event, where every participant connected virtually with strangers, played fun games and challenges together, and forgot just for a few minutes that they were stuck at home and not interacting in-person with fellow participants.

With over 250 participants from across India, and several entries from abroad, Arthanomics saw perhaps the most excellent caliber of participation in the fest’s history. This included participants from reputed institutes like St. Xavier’s, HR College, IIT Bombay, Christ University, LSR (Delhi University), SRCC, Ashoka University, and several more. Having over 25 sponsors like Eureka Forbes, Colors Infinity, Shapoorji Pallonji, and Pharmeasy, and a diverse list of uniquely qualified judges on board, quality was one thing that the team did not compromise on at all, as the fest took its maiden voyage online.


Arthanomics 2021:

Arthanomics-2021, the flagship event of the Economics Department of Jai Hind College was organized on 14th and 15th August. The 8th edition of one of India's biggest online business and economics festivals aimed to provide the participants with a unique platform - where new ideas and bold action meet, to tackle contemporary issues with creativity.

The legacy of Arthanomics is the core belief of creating change, no matter what the cause. This year too we took the legacy forward and adopted the issue of sustainability to find solutions and make a difference.

Due to the pandemic, the education crisis in our country has worsened and the technologically disadvantaged section of learners have been worst hit. As an endeavour to help those affected, we planned our Community Service activity in collaboration with E-vidyaloka. 40 of our volunteers digitized 40 chapters for underprivileged students and these videos reached and benefited more than 25 lakh students.

This year we organized 9 ‘Artha Series’ webinars where industry leaders and experts shared views on pertinent topics like sustainability, career prospects, data analytics, etc.

Since the central idea of our event was sustainability i.e., finding the solutions to keep mankind alive, we chose the theme ‘Get Set Reset’ which focused on taking positive and corrective action. We tried to reflect this theme through our website as well, which was digitally sustainable. We had 10 events ranging from debates, case studies, marketing to entrepreneurship. We focused on incorporating our theme in each and every event to emphasize the need for sustainable growth and taking immediate action. Our tech team made sure all our events from webinars to the main events were conducted smoothly and flawlessly. Most of our events were also live-streamed on YouTube.

Artha-connect which is Arthanomics’ networking platform took place a day before the main festival where we curated and hosted games like Guess it, Murder Mystery, etc. This set the tone for our festival and gave the participants the perfect platform to network and get to know each other before the real competition began.

Arthanomics 2021 was very well received with over 300 participants from across India and several entries from abroad. This included participants from reputed institutes like St. Xavier’s, Christ University, LSR (Delhi University), Ashoka University, HR College, and several others. The team got 37 sponsors including First Ventures, The Belgian Waffle Co., Boston Institute of Analytics, Cafe Condi, and a diverse list of highly qualified judges on board. We are grateful to the support received by all.


Kani - the intercollegiate arts festival of the English Association.

Kani: A Cultural Gathering is the intercollegiate arts festival of the English Association, founded and manifested for the first time on September 11th and 12th, 2015.
Kani emerged from a collective, deep desire to create a college festival that truly allowed every person to explore his or her creativity in a non-judgmental space. The festival’s spirit was the elimination of competition and it was designed with two days of deep and spontaneous exploration of theatre, music, fine art, film and literature.
For its inaugural year, Kani hosted a large number of people. The festival partnered with some of Mumbai’s best cultural groups and distinguished personalities, and floored viewers who got the chance to interact with, amongst others -

- Thespo, the internationally renowned youth theatre organization
- Anand Gandhi, Director of the acclaimed film Ship of Theseus
- Deepak Ramola, Spoken word poet, and Bollywood’s youngest lyricist
- Jashn – e – Qualam, the Hindustani Dramatic readings group
- Tejas Menon, acclaimed singer-songwriter
- Arnesh Ghosh, founder of the youth theatre company Mirror Merchants
- Jehan Manekshaw, Founder-Director of The Drama School, Mumbai

The events were bold, creative and unconventional - designed to help students experience intuitive art and expression. Some of them were:

  • Badman - a political satire, public speaking event where participants had to use the power of rhetoric to convince ‘voters’ of the validity of a negative philosophy
  • Moods of Movement – a meditative experience in which we explored movement and the human body
  • Art Factory – this event made participants experience collective creation in an industrial setting, through rotational painting under supervision.
  • Spontaneous Creation – this presented participants with a blend of audio, video and light in order to stimulate expression, resulting in a huge assortment of abstract art and impromptu performances.
  • Plays Presented by Thespo – Kani organized a week-long workshop in collaboration with Thespo, to mold and challenge the skills of young actors.It concluded with the performances of these budding actors on the Kani stage.
  • Intellectual Cosplay – in this event, the participants came dressed in body and mind with the clothing and personality of their favorite artists, for an afternoon of conversation, self-exploration and merriment.

These were interspersed with a talk by Anand Gandhi; an Open Mic for spoken word poetry, music and comedy, hosted by Deepak Ramola; and a musical evening with artists like Tejas Mennon, True School of Music, and Dean D’souza.
The festival also included a Spoken Word Poetry Workshop with the Airplane Poetry Movement, a Meta Scavenger Hunt, an all-day Book Nook to sit and read in and a Meditation Corner.
The aesthetics of the events were crucial to the space.The beautiful indie atmosphere, set up with fairylights and sari-wall-hangings,was extremely well received, allowing people to enter a completely different space.
Students from colleges across Mumbai attended the festival, on an individual basis, to reinforce the spirit of non-competitiveness. Students from Whistling Woods, Wilson College, K.C. College,St. Xavier’s College, Sophia College, Mithibai College, and more attended the festival.
Kani was born in April of 2015, and its incredibly dedicated and creative team of core members and department heads worked tirelessly to realize a vision. The team of Kani 2015:

Chairperson – Manvi Ranghar
Events Head – Abhishek Lamba
Aesthetics Head – Nidhi Shetty
Sponsorship Head – Kalash Pandiya
Administration Head – Aarushi  Agrawal
Speakers Head – Nidhi Shetty
PR Heads – Vatsala Sharma and Huzan Bhumgara
Core Team Members – Zohra Malik, Payal Mohta, Sanaya Nanavati, Zahra Baldiwala, Aayush Asthana, Priyanka Banerjee, Aliza Matani, Saanchi Nadkarni.

Additionally, the students were supported by the Faculty Members of the English Department. Prof. June Dias, Prof. Divya Bhatnagar supported the student team. Prof. Deepna Rao and Prof. Anamika Purohit provided their advice, guidance and faith during this huge undertaking.
Kani was an idea of a space, where expectation and competition would not dilute the expression and experience of art. It manifested in the form of a college festival put together by the efforts of a student body committed to its idea, and was made hugely successful by the large number of attendees and an overwhelmingly positive response. In the years to come, Kani aims to expand this ideology and impact for everyone involved, and to leave behind an even greater experience.


Talaash - Festival 2015


Inter Collegiate Fests

Jai Hind Advertising Festival

Hindi Parishad

Chairperson:- R.N. Tiwari
Ex-Officio:- Ms. Neeta Singh, Mr. Rajesh Joshi,
Ms. Vineeta Bhatia, A. Tiwari
Secretary:- Manali Pokale
Treasurer:- Dishant Punjabi

The hindi parishad of jai hind college celebrated “dhoom”. its 31st annual function on 12th september, 2014 with ms. hrishita bhatt as chief guest.hindi parishad is one of the most popular languange group in college whichaim to bring out the inthusiam and appreciation for national language in our student. at the event our guest and principal dr. wadia express their joy and happiness who spoke a few word in hindi as well.

The event featured the real talent of studentsin field of singing, fashion show, indian and western dancing, beat-boxing, ramping and mock show.

Hindi Parishad organised traditional day which was great success as it give students the oportunity to turn out in their most colourful and dazzling outfit.special thanks to our managing board members, principal and mr. aneel murarka, whose unstinted encouragement and support has helped in taking program to greater heights over the years.

hindi parishad would like to thank commodor mohan gidwani, brinda gurubaxani,our professors and non teaching staff. my lovely committee members and participants who were the center of the show and made it a great success with the dedication,love and hardwork.we look forward for your support in future year.

Language Lab Sessions


Our Achievements : 2013-2014

BAF BBI and BFM Contingent Wins Overall First Place at HR College Fest Blaze   BAF BBI and BFM Contingent with Mood Festa Overall First Place Trophy (Lala Lajpatrai College)
BAF BBI and BFM Contingent with Principal Wadia and Prof Bhatia   Overall First Place at Drishti (NM College Inter-Collegiate Fest) - BAF BBI and BFM Contingent with Principal Wadia and Prof Neha

Talaash - BMS Festival 2013

"Talaash”, known to be the benchmark amongst all BMS festivals in the city is one of the biggest BMS management festival organized by Jai Hind College, Mumbai. Talaash is conducted in the last month of the year. It is a festival by BMS and for BMS. It provides impetus to the students to learn, grow and showcase their managerial skills in the most practical manner possible.

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Department - The literary and debating society Event - "Workshop on Shakespeare"

Date - 19th August 2013
Spoke Person - Alyque Padamsee
Venue - Auditorium
Timing - 1 pm - 3 pm
Open- Only with a pass

Department - The literary and debating society Event - "Juniors vs seniors debate"

Date - 23rd August 2013
Topic - Democracy does not exist in India.
Judges - Pooja Bedi , Densel Smith & Anahita Uberoi
Open - Everyone
Venue - Auditorium
Timing - 10:30 – 12:30 pm

Department - History Association Event - "To commemorate 150 years of Swami Vivekanand’s birth"

Date - 23rd & 24th August 2013
Topic- "The Monk of Modern India"
Timing - 10:00 am - 1 pm
Venue - A.V. room
Open - Everyone


Entourage is a Jai Hind College BAF,BFM and BBI initiative. Entourage 2014 was the 6th edition, which encouraged students from finance courses to participate in extra-curricular activities and exhibit their aptitude and talents in the arena of sports, performing arts, fine arts and literary arts. Entourage includes a sports, events and cultural day which place on 13,14 and 15th of December 2014 respectively. Entourage is entirely managed and organized by the students of Jai Hind College, lead by a motivating core committee.

Entourage 2015 is the 7th edition with the theme, Infinity and Beyond which is going to be held on the 28,29 and 30th of November. The Entourage team of 2015 looks forwarding to welcoming you this year and participating in full swing.