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Student Testimonials

Nihir Parikh
Chief Business Officer,

Nihir Parikh a proud Jai Hind alumnus, who pursued higher studies at Stanford and INSEAD and is currently the Chief Business Officer of the leading Indian beauty e-commerce giant Nykaa. Nihir was awarded India’s Brightest Young Business Minds and Fortune 40 under 40 awards 2019.

Testimonial: “As I think back to the key influencers, my years at Jai Hind (1998-2000) played a special role, a big thank you to Jai Hind and a special shout out to all the teachers for influencing my academic, professional and personal journey!”

Pooja Dhingra
Pastry Chef Businesswoman

Pooja, better known as the Macaron Queen of India, is a pastry chef who opened India’s first macaron store and owns a French dessert café chain, Le 15 Patisserie. After her years at Jai Hind pursuing Commerce in 2004, she went on to train at the César Ritz school (Switzerland) and Le Cordon Bleu (France).

Testimonial: “My advice to all is to enjoy your time in college, find a balance between academics & what you truly love to do in order to succeed in life.”

Sakshi Thakur
ARTS: 2016-2019

“The motto, “I will, and I can”, is the cornerstone of Jai Hind college and this cherished conviction inspired me to spread my wings to fly. Jai Hind college is an institution where you can find an amalgamation of academics, learning, fun, culture and literature. College fests and extracurricular activities along with classroom learning taught me essential life skills and shaped my personality. I have made friends for life here.

Success was a phenomenon in my mind which I wanted to strive for, before I came to this college. And it was made apparent here by the guidance of the faculty members. Because of the constant support of professors, especially the Political Science department, I am pursuing post-graduation in JNU, one of the top-ranking universities of India for Social Sciences. Three years at Jai Hind college was an experience for lifetime and will stay with me forever”.

Abhimanini Sawhney

Abhimanini Sawhney graduated from Jai Hind College with a B.A. in Political Science and History and pursued Masters in Public Policy at St. Xavier’s College (Autonomous), Mumbai. She also holds a Postgraduate Diploma in International Studies.

“I spent five extremely enriching years at Jai Hind College, starting in 11th grade (FYJC) and ending with TYBA. My time in college was wonderful and awakened in me a blend of academic curiosity balanced by a strong inclination to have fun with my work. My B.A. years were challenging – not only academically, but also due to the plethora of extracurricular opportunities I was surrounded by. The course load was engaging and very well-rounded – something that I deeply appreciate as a postgraduate student – and the stress laid on the more social aspects of education has greatly benefitted me in my internships and postgraduate courses thus far. It is because of all this that I would sincerely recommend Jai Hind College as a place to pursue a B.A. in Political Science.”

Harsh Desai - 2013-14 Batch
Managing Partner, Broomsticks Productions
Advocate, Bombay High Court

“When I landed up at Jai Hind College, it was a breeding ground for misfits like me, who could explore different avenues like literature, drama, entrepreneurship, debates, and even, advertising; while studying. Jai Hind gave me the exposure and the opportunity to try my hands at different things, it genuinely made me what I am today. JHC gave a holistic learning environment.

On an average, JHC would participate in 10-12 events across 4-6 festivals annually. Being part of such festivals, gave first-hand experiences at creating new things, dabbling in multiple projects together, and managing teams. We would not win all the events -as in life, you win some, you lose some; this made me understand the importance of failure, and how failure is an important milestone in your long journey. Jai Hind’s ‘I will, I can’ attitude has become a part of my DNA now, genuinely enabling me to survive multiple learning curves in my life, as I keep building new enterprises, while reflecting and learning from my previous experiences.

Regardless of where life takes me, JHC will always be the pivot point of my entrepreneurial journey. It was in the very corridors of this college, where I became a part of the startup culture, and eventually built my own company a few years later. It fills me up with a sense of pride and nostalgia when I come back to college these days to interact with the current students.”

Proud alumnus of Jai Hind College
Achala P. Jethmalani
Batch 2009

“The faculty and the heads of this brilliant, vibrant institution leave no stone unturned in helping the students achieve their dreams. The wonderful teachers spark the (existing) desire in the students in dreaming high and fostering them, smoothening out the rough edges, fanning the interests of the students be it in arts, performing arts and seminars/workshops or inter-collegiate events. Jai Hind College is THE place to be if one is looking for top-class education and a well-rounded experience.

I passed-out from the college a decade ago, only to see how Jai Hind, especially my economics department has evolved with time and so much in no-time. It has grown in leaps & bounds. The teachers at JHC go that extra mile for their students where the teachers provide the platform and guide the students not only to excel in their academics, but also other co-curricular activities by encouraging the students to participate in seminars, workshops and inter-collegiate events. “It is not all bookish” - the industrial visits as part of the curriculum and inputs from industry experts from time to time give students the flavors of the real world too, in their college years. The autonomous economics department hand-weaves the syllabus to ensure it is up to date with the current setting and at the same time forward looking and progressive for the benefits of ¬the students. The college and my economics department truly believe in the spirit of not just providing a degree, but in education itself. Hence, I would say come experience the joy of learning, it happens only at the JHC.

With Marine Drive right across the street from college and all the knowledge you need inside of the college, believe me there is no better place in the world than the JHC - to learn (at the library, in the auditorium), to perform (arts), to make friends - to experience it all at once. In reverence, I would like to end with a quote from Kabir, “Guru and God both appear before me. To whom should I prostrate? I bow before Guru who introduced God to me.” .and in extension of it, I am forever grateful to my Gurukul, Jai Hind College, where I met my Gurus.

Being a part of JHC has been an enriching experience and the memories that would last a lifetime whilst I continue to live by its powerful teachings of “I Will & I Can”.

Ms. Imaan Javan
Director, Suntuity REI
Life Sciences Batch of 2009-10

I graduated from Jai Hind College in 2010 with a bachelor’s degree in Life sciences. These 3 years in Jai Hind were one of the best years of my life. Perfectly balanced years of moulding myself into who I am today.

I thoroughly enjoyed attending college as there was a lot of fun, entertainment, socializing, learning and experiences which I looked forward to in college. I found some of my best friends, amazing faculty and infrastructure at Jai Hind.