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Brief Information

The history of Jai Hind College library dates back to 1948 with the inception of Jai Hind College. The library was named in 1969 as “T.M. Advani Memorial library” in the loving memory of late Principal T.M. Advani.

The library has a rich collection of nearly 52100 and subscribes to about 19 dailies and 30 journals and 45 periodicals 57 complimentary magazines. The library has a comprehensive reference collection containing encyclopedias, handbooks, dictionaries, atlas, etc.

The library has wide range of novels in different languages and other light reading material catering to diverse interests. The library collection includes languages like English, Marathi, Hindi, Sindhi, Gujarati, Sanskrit and French.

Dewey decimal classification system is followed to classify books in the library. The library updates the editions of DDC as and when required, as new subjects are introduced. Currently the library is using the 23rd edition of DDC.

The Library provides Open Access Facility. Library has SLIM21 software to manage its information. Book acquisition, circulation, catalogue is computerized. The Library is fully automated library.

E-Library consist e thesis, teachers publications, lecture PPT, seminar/ conference presentations/lectures held by college, free e –books.

The Library provides access to NLIST. All e-resources subscribed for the college under the NLIST project are now accessible to the library through the NLIST website, http://nlist.inflibnet.ac.in

These resources include e-journals and e-books accessible to the faculty, students and researchers. Library member has to register to get personal user id and password. The remote access is available. Access and downloading of the articles is possible directly from the publisher’s website. Jai Hind Library has featured in Top 10 users list of NLIST.

The Reading Room

The Reading Room is associated with the Library. The events organized by the Reading Room are workshop, Theme wise book displays, book exhibition, Fiction Fest etc. The Reading Room promotes Library services, collection through various programs and collects Users feedback. Digital Ink, an intercollegiate competition, is held to provide a platform to the students to share their writing skills in form of poems, book reviews and short stories. The main feature of this event is that the competition is digital in nature. The Reading Room conducts Special Counseling sessions, held periodically for Library Attendants for their overall development professional and personal, to make them confident to face the library user queries.